Obama’s Intel Agencies Ignored Joe Biden’s China Deal That Resulted in Son’s Ownership in Chinese Company Conspiring to Steal Nuclear Secrets

Elder Patriot – In his new book Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and FriendsPeter Schweizer reveals how Joe Biden made Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play scheme look like the work of a rank amateur.

While it’s true Hillary raised $145 million in exchange for approving the sale of 20% of Uranium One to Russian entities that pales in comparison to the $1.5 Billion deal Biden arranged on behalf of his son Hunter.

Schweizer has shone light on Washington’s “new corruption” where foreign governments and mega corporations bestow tens of millions, even hundreds of millions, and in this case more than a billion dollars in exchange for influence over foreign and/or fiscal policy. 

Everything was for sale with Obama’s treasonous criminal syndicate running things.  From influencing trade deals that strip American wealth to, influencing our military to stand down from its responsibilities to, as is the case with Joe and Hunter Biden, top-secret nuclear secrets that are critical to our national security.

Schweizer told an interviewer while discussing the corruption he discovered:

“When you have the motive of greed and when you don’t worry too much about ethics, it’s very easy to come up with creative ways to enrich yourself, and one of those is what we call ‘American princelings.’ The term ‘princelings’ is really a term that’s been widely used in China and in the West to talk about China, where in communist China, if you want to get deals done, if you want to get favors from the government, you basically do business with their children, and these children of communist party officials are called the princelings.”


“… we are, in a sense, importing that model into the United States, and you see that a lot as it relates to the Chinese government. The Chinese government has figured out that the way to get favorable treatment from policymakers in Washington, DC, is by, basically, signing sweetheart deals with the children of politicians because they think by doing so, they’ll get better policy positions from our government, and the history indicates in the Obama administration that that’s exactly what happens.”

Schweizer then recounts how China bought Biden’s fealty even at the expense of our national security.

“In December of 2013, Vice President Joe Biden flies to Asia for a trip, and the centerpiece for that trip is a visit to Beijing, China.  To put this into context, in 2013, the Chinese have just exerted air rights over the South Pacific, the South China Sea. They basically have said, ‘If you want to fly in this area, you have to get Chinese approval. We are claiming sovereignty over this territory.’  [This was h]ighly controversial in Japan, in the Philippines, and in other countries. Joe Biden is supposed to be going there to confront the Chinese. Well, he gets widely criticized on that trip for going soft on China. So basically, not challenging them, and Japan and other countries are quite upset about this.

“Well, I think the reason he goes soft on China is because with him on that trip, flying on Air Force Two, is his son Hunter Biden, and ten days after they return from China, Hunter Biden — who has this small firm, he has no background in private equity, he has no background in Chinese finance — gets a whopping $1.5 billion deal from the Chinese government. This is the Chinese government giving Joe Biden and a [John] Kerry confidante the management over this money, and they made huge fees off of this money, and it’s an example of this kind of corruption. That’s the first of three major deals that the Chinese government does with people who are either the children — that is the sons — or close aides to Vice President Biden or Secretary of State John Kerry.”

“So [Hunter Biden and Devon Archer] get this $1.5 billion to invest, and what they are supposed to do is basically invest in companies that benefit the Chinese government.  So just think about this for a second. This is the vice president of the United States whose is supposed to be commanding American presence and power in the Pacific to deal with the rising challenge from China, and his son is investing $1.5 billion of Chinese government money. So what do they do? They invest in an American high-precision tools company called Henniges, which used to be owned by Rocket Company, but they produce anti-vibration technologies, which have a dual-use application, so this transaction actually requires the approval of the federal government, as it has national security implications. So again, the vice president’s son is helping the Chinese government take over a dual-use military technology-related company called Henniges.”


“But it gets even worse because another investment that they make is in something called CGN — China General Nuclear — which is an atomic power company.  They invest in this company in 2014.  A year later, what happens? The FBI arrests and charges senior officials in this company with stealing nuclear secrets in the United States. Specifically, they’re trying to get access to something called the AP-1000 nuclear reactor that is very similar to the ones that we put on U.S. submarines.”

If you’re wondering why the F.B.I. had no questions about this arrangement you might want to ask James Comey who was the bureau’s director from it’s inception.  There were no questions from the Republican controlled Congress, either.

This is why Trump was elected after he promised to drain the swamp.