Obama’s Illegal Surveillance Turned Our Intel Agencies Into the East German Stasi – Why Has Everyone Remained Silent About It?

Elder Patriot – After Donald Trump accused the Obama administration of “wiretapping” him the mainstream media did their best to paint the president as delusional and paranoid. 

Since that time is has been revealed that high-ranking Obama officials had been working overtime to derail the Trump express in a desperate attempt to save the failing Clinton candidacy.

Trump was right and because he had the courage to speak out about this unlawful use of our intelligence community for political purposes others have come forward to tell their experiences.

When he was asked about the Obama administration’s violation of FISA court rules intended to protect the Fourth Amendment rights of American citizens, Judge Andrew Napolitano related how even the late Justice Antonin Scalia had told him that he was convinced the high court was being spied on as long as five years ago.

How does this not threaten the separation of powers that is critical for maintaining the necessary checks and balances of government?  It’s fair to ask if this illegal spying had been going on even longer ago than Scalia believed?

Could something unlawfully uncovered about Chief Justice John Roberts have been used to convince [bribe] him to literally rewrite the Affordable Healthcare Act in a brazen and unprecedented act of judicial activism that ignored basic Constitutional protections?

While discussing the Obama officials who were guilty of ignoring FISA protections Judge Napolitano cited the fact that Rand Paul was unmasked after having what should have been a confidential conversation with his campaign manager.

Here is the video of Judge Napolitano explaining the significance of Obama’s illegal activities to Maria Bartiromo and the panel on her morning show:

Obama used his eight years to turn our intelligence agencies into something akin to the East German Stasi that was used to discredit and undermine his political enemies. 

Almost incredibly, the mechanism that Obama set in motion – where nefarious government actors have access to personal incriminating information that they use to “convince” senators, representatives, and appointees to adopt or defend the Obama agenda – is still in play.

In a world of imperfect men and women personal information in the hands of political opponents is perhaps the most powerful weapon of all.

Someone has to put a stop to this or Obama will continue running things from his post White House command center in Kalorama.