Obama’s DNI Clapper’s 1:27 Flaming Descent Into Infamy

Elder Patriot – Seldom does a person bear witness against himself like Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence did during an interview on CNN last week. In less than a minute and a half Clapper torched himself and admitted his guilt while talking to the few leftists who are still in denial about their heroes on the left.

CNN’s Don Lemon obviously missed the talking points memo that morning but Jack Posobiec immediately recognized the contradiction between Lemon’s question and Clapper’s answer:

Clapper’s discomfort was evident throughout the interview:

That’s likely because he realized his sudden 180-degree about face to abandon the “Trump is crazy we never spied on him” narrative and now to justify the spy operation as necessary and proper was going to be viewed for what it was – a last-ditch effort for leniency.

Even he found it difficult to believe his own bullshit.  If the concern of Obama’s intelligence community – they certainly weren’t operating as American intelligence community – was Russian involvement then why weren’t Clapper, Brennan, Comey, et al concerned about Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s ties to Russia?

Why weren’t they looking into the $145MM payoff to the Clinton Foundation after Secretary of State Clinton agreed to sell 20% controlling interest in Uranium One to the Russians?

Why weren’t they critically studying Secretary of State Clinton’s decision to share cyber technology with Russia when she helped them build their version of Silicon Valley in Skolkovo?

And why didn’t they seize the DNC server(s) if they suspected Russia – or any other foreign player – had breached them?  That answer is because they already knew Russian had nothing to do with hacking those servers and confirming that would’ve destroyed their narrative.

Of course none of this would’ve come out if Donald Trump had lost.  Or, if had crumbled under their pressure. Now they are left holding their pud.

C’mon man you were the head of the entire IC framework, surely you can do better than the dog ate my homework!