Obama’s Army of Violent Street Anarchists Now Numbers In Excess of 32,000

ELDER PATRIOT – We are seeing the result of electing a “community organizer” to the office of president.  It was a mistake that spawned societal divisions not seen in this country since the Civil War and that, if we’re lucky, will take only a generation to repair.

Obama used his eight years as the chief law enforcement official of the United States to consistently respond to rare, non-representative but unfortunate incidents between persons of color and the police, by using code words to stoke the emotions among the bitterest Americans while also building the arrogance of those who are in our country illegally.

Coupled with the Deep State anarchists that he strategically placed throughout our governmental infrastructure, Obama has a potent combination of inter-governmental and extra-governmental troops that are working to undermine any attempt to expose the criminal conspiracy that has been fleecing of Americans and to return government to we, the people.

It’s an odd coalition of stridently devout Marxists and society’s losers (Lenin’s Useful Idiots) whose refusal to take advantage of the educational dollars expended on their behalf and/or to work hard after they left school made them prime candidates to become bitter in a nation that provides so much opportunity that they see prosperity everywhere they look.

The reality is that they are protecting what has evolved into the most invasive criminal syndicate ever conceived.  After many decades, Obama had been the latest to serve the larger global cartel as head of its U.S. operations.

The network is so large and extensive, and morality is in such short supply in Washington that it has, to one degree or another, subsumed an overwhelming percentage of the inside the beltway elites.

Once Donald Trump declared his intention to “Drain the Swamp” he gave the Democrats all of the incentive they needed to go “all in” to bring him down by any means possible.  They simply couldn’t trust him to continue offering the hard earned money and freedoms of the American people up to the alter of their worldwide criminal enterprise.

It’s also the reason that so many similarly corrupt establishment Republicans declared their preference for Hillary Clinton or refused to support Trump during or after the election.  And, that is why they remain mute over the appointment of Robert Mueller and the “protect the swamp” group of similarly corrupt investigators he has assembled.

Obama’s primary, but by no means only, army of street “agitators” is coordinated under the auspices of Organizing for America (OFA) that has evolved from what was once his campaign organization.  OFA is a registered 501(c)(4) that has assembled in excess of 32,525 violent protestors who take their direction from the 250 offices they operate out of across the United States, and that has raised more than $40 million in contributions and grants.

That’s right, Obama’s army of anarchist street fighters is operating not only without paying taxes but with a massive number of their fellow anarchists placed throughout the federal bureaucracy and funded by our tax dollars.

This is the result of the “social justice warrior” movement the implications of which Americans ignored in their desire to prove to themselves they aren’t racists.  Instead they elected a leader who worked to advance Marxism by any means possible.

Obama has every right to raise money for whatever cause he likes.  He has no right to your money to fund those causes.  Nor should he be granted tax-exempt status or funding from federal programs to run his “resistance” movement.

It’s time that President Trump asks Jeff Sessions to give the American people the facts and let them decide for them selves what to do with B. Hussein Obama.