Obama’s AG Lynch Caught In Incriminating Lie About Illegal Tarmac Meeting W/ Clinton – Obama Crime Syndicate Finally Facing Justice

Elder Patriot – The thing that makes lying politicians vulnerable is that when they lose elections they also lose control of the narrative.  And, as hard as the mainstream media has worked to obscure the truth about Obama administration corruption, a popular president’s bully pulpit cannot be silenced.  And, Donald Trump is one popular president with a Twitter-fired bully pulpit.

The infamous Bill Clinton – Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting, that took place only days before then FBI Director James Comey turned his back on mountains of evidence and refused to indict Hillary Clinton, is a case in point.

Had Hillary gone on to win the election you can bet the ranch that none of what you’re about to read would’ve been uncovered.  Well that might not be entirely true but any lone researcher or two putting the pieces together would’ve likely been arkancided.

There is no way in hell that Bill Clinton ran into Obama’s Attorney General on a tarmc by accident.

Anyone who has ever sat on a tarmac knows that identifying another plane is nearly impossible.  Even if you were in possession of the plane’s tail number of the person you were looking for it would be almost impossible to see it unless you were looking right at it.  But there’s an even more decisive reason.

When multiple un-uniformed protective agencies units are to be in an area at the same time they schedule a deconfliction conference to avoid an accidental shooting that might otherwise result between unidentified armed individuals.  Keep in mind neither the FBI or Secret Service agents wear uniforms.

No, the meeting was planned which makes Lynch a liar.  Of course that’s something any thinking person would’ve surmised when she claimed that she discussed Clinton’s grandchildren and golf with him for the entire thirty minutes.

Lynch has no grandchildren.  Nor does she play golf. Think about your conversations with friends especially ones who don’t share those things with you.

The Inspector General’s Report confirms that the meeting had been scheduled and that Lynch was warned beforehand that allowing Bill Clinton to enter the plane while his wife was the subject of an investigation that she was ostensibly overseeing was not a good idea.  That’s codespeak for are you effing crazy?

From page 204 of the IG report:

Lynch said that she had “never really had a conversation” with former President Clinton before this meeting, or with former Secretary Clinton at any time.She said that “years ago” when she was the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, she saw former Secretary Clinton at a 9/11 event and said hello.

So here are two lawyers who know that they should not be conferring in any manner whatsoever because of the pending investigation, and who had no previous relationship of any kind going out of their way to defy the law.

According to the IG Report, again from page 204:

Lynch said that former President Clinton boarded the plane in a matter of seconds, suggesting that he was in the stairwell near the door to the plane. Lynch said that she was very surprised that he wanted to meet with her because they did not have a social relationship, and she was also surprised to see him “right there in the doorway so quickly.”

Okay.  So Bill Clinton basically forced himself on the attorney general as he had done to so many other women over the years.  But for this scenario to have taken place both secret service details had to have had foreknowledge of the meeting.

There’s also the fact that Loretta Lynch wasn’t just any other female.  As the Attorney General responsible for upholding the laws of the land she allowed the meeting to take place.

But it gets worse.  It was Lynch’s FBI detail that arranged the meeting!

Page 203:

The OPA Supervisor said that he later learned that former President Clinton’s Secret Service detail had contacted Lynch’s FBI security detail and let them know that the former President wanted to meet with Lynch.

Add this to the growing body of evidence that the FBI was in the tank for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.

It’s hard to see how a jury would view this meeting as anything but premeditated, meaning that both Clinton and Lynch will have to address why they so blatantly ignored the guidelines governing meeting with subject (or their representatives) of an investigation.

Once Trump orders the release of the entire stash of evidence that’s being kept from congressional investigators by Rod Rosenstein, the court system is going to be overwhelmed by the indictments of Obama administration officials.  That may even come sooner.

Utah-based U.S. Attorney John Huber has been working hand in hand with Inspector General Michael Horowitz so he’s almost certainly already seen all of the I.G.’s source evidence and presented it to multiple grand juries.

It’s going to get very interesting, very soon.