Obama and Hillary Declare War Against Israel

ELDER PATRIOT – President Obama has made it abundantly clear he is all in for Hillary Clinton to follow him into the White House.  He is spending so much time campaigning for Mrs. Clinton that Donald Trump publicly chided him as to whether he a has a job to do.

With this in mind virtually everything Obama does between now and the election will be aimed at helping Hillary’s standing with certain groups that have long been important to Democrats’ electoral chances.  This includes spending taxpayer money to prop up her floundering poll numbers just as he has done throughout his administration to bolster his own approval ratings. 

With the compliant Republican congress rarely offering even a hint of resistance Obama has spent hundreds of billions of the peoples’ dollars on the one aspect of foreign policy that he and Hillary Clinton actually agree on – the destruction of Israel.

That was the case this week when Obama announced a “memorandum of understanding” to commit $3.8 billion annually through 2028 accompanied with these words, “America’s commitment to Israel’s security is unshakable.” 

That’s political doublespeak at it’s finest.  The money will used entirely to feed America’s military-industrial complex. Previous agreements allowed Israel to spend up to 26% of U.S. defense aid on purchases from their own defense industries but that will no longer be the case.  Obama hopes that the loss of this money will cripple Israel’s defense industry.

So what you ask?  So the hundreds of billions of dollars that Obama gave to Iran in just this past year dwarfs the entire $40 billion or so that he has committed to Israel over the next 12 years.   

There’s more.  The “memorandum of understanding” contains Israel’s commitment that there would be no further lobbying of Congress as Netanyahu did in defiance of Obama two years ago. 

This means that if elected Hillary Clinton would be able to adhere to the terms of this agreement while funneling many multiples as much money into further destabilizing the Middle East to the great peril of Israel.

Mrs. Clinton’s animus to Israel is well documented if not widely acknowledged.  Between her relationship with Muslim Brotherhood adherent Huma Adedin and her history of cozying up to terrorists who threaten the sovereignty of Israel Mrs. Clinton actions could never be construed as anything but dangerous to the defense of the Middle East’s only democracy.

We are yet to hear Mrs. Clinton utter even a word of caution (let alone disapproval) about the Iran nuclear deal that overtly threatens Israel’s very existence.

Mrs. Clinton has proven her desire to destabilize the Middle East.  As Secretary of State her decision to avoid involvement in Syria when that nation imploded created a vacuum that Russia quickly filled. 

Then there was the assassination of Libyan strongman Muarmmar Gaddafi that came under orders from Secretary Clinton.  Her strategy to “cut and run” afterwards again created a vacuum that has been filled by terrorists.

Her decision to leave Iraq created sill another vacuum that has resulted in the genocide of Sunni Muslims and greatly increased the likelihood of Iranian dominance over Iraq and its vast oil reserves.

Then there’s Mrs. Clinton’s outspoken approval of the deal with Iran that has given them hundreds of billions of dollars and a clear path to nuclear weapons.

It is abundantly clear that Mrs. Clinton will be happy to continue Obama’s Middle East policy of indifference to Israel if for different reasons.

Where Barack Obama seeks the rise of a caliphate, Hillary Clinton only seeks war for the enrichment of the military-industrial complex and the international bankers who fund all sides.

The losers are the little people – the ones she finds so deplorable.