ELDER PATRIOT – By now everyone capable of a modicum of critical thinking is aware that when he was president, Barack Obama placed his role as a major leader of the new world order ahead of his obligations to the American people.

While he was president he enjoyed the protection of the many key individuals he filled the various government agencies with as well the sycophantic mainstream media that excused and alibied for every anti-American move he made.  This led to a growing sense of invincibility and arrogance in Obama that is now going to be his undoing. 

He surrounded himself with like-minded Marxists and Globalists and from this insulated environment of “Yes” men he never believed – or wanted to believe – that Americans would reject him and his agenda and that Hillary Clinton would not succeed him to protect his legacy.

Obama’s conceit and arrogance – the traits that made him a threat to America’s Founding Principles – are about to bring him down because he is still relying on the mainstream media but it has now been totally discredited.

While he was president, Obama and his obedient “news” readers in the mainstream media hid his administration’s history of illegally abusing his executive powers but his personal jihad against Fox News’ James Rosen and also the Associated Press prove otherwise.

Now as an ex-president, Obama is leading a resistance movement with the same zeal for using illegal tactics to undermine his opponents. 

President Trump charged Obama with engaging in illegal electronic surveillance on him and his closest confidants leading up to the election and since then, as well.

Obama, of course, denies this believing that he still can count on the MSM to cover his sorry butt.  Not this time, elephant ears.

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who was charged with protecting both President Bush and Obama explains that his fellow agents not only protect the president from physical harm but also from electronic spying in any form by conducting periodic electronic counter measure (ECM) sweeps of the president’s surroundings, wherever he may be.

So, when President Trump finally called Obama on his illegal surveillance of him and his team and the MSM (and some senators) once again began lying to protect Obama, Bongino decided he had to speak up.

The MSM as well as some senators want you to believe that either Trump pressured the FBI to tell him about it or Trump was lying about there being any unauthorized surveillance.  Bongino presents a third much more likely scenario based on his experience.

Bongino:  “The Secret Sevice does ECM sweeps electronic counter measures where they go in and look for listening devices, radio frequencies and all kinds of things to make sure that the president or the president-elect is not being in fact wiretapped or listened in on specific phone lines.  Now, I don’t know this for sure but if Trump was being wiretapped I sincerely doubt that he walked into the FBI and said ‘tell me if I’m being wiretapped.’  That’s illogical and ridiculous because he’d be causing all kinds of problems for himself.

What may have happened is the Secret Service may have detected – the Secret Service and the military does this for the president where they look for electronic monitoring – they may have discovered something and that may have cause a sh*tstorm and they may in fact had to clear this up and said ‘hey dadio who’s the one with the listening device in the tower?’

“That makes total sense but the media is not interested in the true story because they want to find fault with Trump.”

Bongino followed up that video with one yesterday where he asks a simple question, “How did they get the Mike Flynn recording if Mike Flynn wasn’t being listened to on Trump’s team?  Hmm.”

President Trump’s willingness to engage the enemies of the American people head-on, whether they are foreign heads of state or America’s ex-presidents have them shaking in their boots.  And, no one knows better than Obama just how much he has to hide.