How Obama Continues Using Illegal Immigration to Skew Our Elections

Anyone who believes our elections fairly represent the will of the majority of American citizens is not living in Real Ville.

As a candidate, Donald Trump recognized what was happening and he said so.  For that, the mainstream media matrix parroted Hillary Clinton’s words from the final debate and accused Trump of refusing to recognize the “sanctity” of our elections.

Hillary’s exact words provided the mainstream media matrix with plenty of grist for the mill: 

Clinton: “This is a mind-set.  This is how Donald thinks, and it’s funny, but it’s also really troubling.  That’s not the way our democracy works.  We’ve been around 240 years.  We’ve had free and fair elections.  We’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them, and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election. 

“You know, President Obama said the other day when you’re whining before the game is even finished…

[Interrupted by applause]

“It just shows you’re not up to the job.  And lets be clear about what he’s saying and what that means.  He’s denigrating, he is talking down our democracy.  And, I for one, am appalled that somebody who is the nominee of one of our two major parties would take that kind of position.”

Those were high sounding words but what we have learned since Donald Trump’s election have proven just what a sham our electoral process has been turned into by the NeverTrump movement.  And, just how severely compromised the mainstream media is.

Let’s start with Madame Hillary who never accepted the results of the election and who went on a year and a half long tour blaming everyone she’d ever met for her loss.  And, along the way she relentlessly attacked the man who defeated her in the process essentially “denigrating, [and] talking down our democracy.”

What about the man who the Left holds up as their paragon of virtue, B Hussein Obama?

There’s now ample evidence that Obama’s FBI and DOJ conspired to destroy Donald Trump by defrauding a FISA court with an application to spy on his campaign team that relied solely on fraudulent “evidence.”

The spying continued well into Trump’s presidency as part of a concerted effort to drive him from office.  That effort continues to this day.

There is every reason to believe that Obama not only knew of the attempt by his administration to undermine the election but that he orchestrated it.

Sadly, there is no evidence that [Obama and Clinton] accepted the outcome [of this election] when [they] may not have liked [it].”

The newly elected Donald Trump understood how severely the establishment class had participated in corrupting our “free and fair elections” and he appointed Kris Kobach to head his newly minted Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity with the intention of restoring the lost integrity of our elections.

What Kobach discovered should concern every American who believes that the sanctity of our elections is sacrosanct.  Kobach found voting irregularities that almost assuredly resulted in the wrongful election of a Democrat Senator in New Hampshire.

The ramifications from this cannot be overstated.  Obamacare survived by one vote.

But Kobach uncovered even more skullduggery that has even more far reaching consequences. 

Last night Kobach joined Tucker Carlson to discuss how Obama and the Democrats, with the help of a blind eye from their Republican colleagues, have used the presence of illegal aliens not just to vote unlawfully but to skew the apportionment in the House of Representatives grossly to the Left.

Carlson began by explaining to his audience that the Constitution calls for the taking of a census in order to determine the proper number of citizens required to set the size and apportionment of each Congressional district.

Kobach: “Think of it this way.  There are 710,000 people per representative in Congress.  But if you live in a district like Maxine Waters’ district out in California, probably half or more of your district is [comprised of] illegal aliens.  And so you may have only 350,000 citizens voting in your district.  Those citizens vote count twice as much as your vote or my vote if you live in a district that doesn’t have tons of illegal aliens.

“So you have vote dilution where some people votes matter more than others because they tons of illegal aliens in their district.”


“It’s a dirty little secret that they don’t want to talk about.  The 1964 Supreme Court decision, Wesberry v. Sanders, voting dilution is unconstitutional.  You can’t have one Congressional district with fewer voters than there are in another Congressional district.

“And, because of illegal immigration we have crazy dis-proportional representation, extraordinary numbers where in a Midwestern seat you may have to get 120,000 votes to win your election, in Waters’ district you may only need 40,000.”

This means that a sanctuary state like California may have as many as 14 additional Congressional districts than it should have by law.  That mean an over representation in the U.S. House of Representatives by 14 leftist radicals.

That’s a larger contingent than all but 10 states!  In fact the entire House delegation of 24 states is less than half that number.

This should came as no surprise to the large majority of Americans who have been voicing their objection to amnesty proposals for more than a decade and who, according to every poll, overwhelmingly support President Trump’s immigration reform plan.

These Americans are still wondering what happened to their representative government when, despite polls indicating that they were grossly rejecting Obamacare, the ACA was passed into law.

Now, after Americans elected a D.C. outsider specifically because he promised to put an end to illegal immigration, Leftist immigration activists (Democrats) and RINO’s are refusing to acknowledge the peoples will. 

Their collective disregard for our electoral mandates, coupled with their unlawful leveraging of our intelligence and prosecutorial agencies to destroy that duly elected outsider, is the real Constitutional threat – not Donald Trump.