Obama Accuses Clinton of Running a Racist Campaign

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton will say or do anything to get elected. In 2008 while running against then Senator Barack Obama she ran a campaign injected with racism because her calculations determined that Barack Obama was going to win the Black vote no matter what appeal she made to them. So, she pivoted to appealing to the same white working class Americans she now calls deplorable.

“Obama’s support among hardworking White Americans is weakening.”  Why would Mrs. Clinton specifically define White Americans?

To Mrs. Clinton it was important because her brand of politics has always been to divide Americans by our racial, economic, gender, and age identifications and then to cobble together a coalition of single-issue voters.    This is significant to achieving her legislative agenda because single-issue voters only care about what they want and whatever ancillary damage is done to the Constitution or our republic in the process means nothing to them.

Mrs. Clinton lacks the integrity necessary to lead our nation as her history of changing sides on a multitude of issues based on which way the political winds are blowing at the time has proven. 

Integrity is how good people conduct themselves when no one is watching.  Here’s a video of Jesse Jackson introducing one such person almost two decades ago:

I now want to bring forth a friend who has, well he is deceptive in that his social style is of such one can miss his seriousness and his commitment for success.


“…and many others thought it was either laughable or something to avoid he came to our business meeting here in New York because he was curious and has the will to make things better.”

Jackson was talking about Donald Trump, the real Donald Trump before the Clinton attack machine embarked on their smear campaign.

Ask yourself this question, where is Jesse Jackson now?  Jackson, too, is a man of integrity to the degree that he has refrained from attacking Donald Trump during this political season despite the insistence of the Clinton campaign to do so.

It’s time for Jackson to put a dagger in the campaign chances of Hillary Clinton and step forward to tell everyone what his experience has been with both candidates if he really wants to help the Black community that he claims to represent.