NY Post Debunks Poll Showing Majority of Voters Favor Impeachment

Elder Patriot – The fake news polls, intended to influence uninformed voters, have been restarted again.  

(NY Post) The poll released last week by Fox News that claimed most Americans favor the impeachment of President Trump underrepresented Republican and independent voters, The Post has found.

The poll said 51% of voters were in favor of Trump’s impeachment and removal from office, while 40% did not want him impeached.

Princeton, New Jersey, pollster Braun Research, which conducted the survey, noted 48% of its respondents were Democrats. But the actual breakdown of party-affiliation is 31% Democrat, 29% Republican and 38% independent, according to Gallup.

A poll weighted for party affiliation would have concluded that 44.9% favored impeachment…

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell