Inspector General Investigating Clinton Retaliation Against Chelsea Whistleblower

Elder Patriot – We have all heard about the vast waste that accompanies Department of Defense spending.  Four hundred dollar hammers are small potatoes compared to the billions spent on unnecessary military actions for the enrichment of defense contractors who are considered political allies or, in the case of Chelsea Clinton, friends.

We have also learned that when any whistleblower came forward to report wrongdoing or patronage to previous administrations they were met with strong reprisals including physical intimidation, loss of credentials, and unlawful termination.

Generally speaking, previous administrations deliberately turned a blind eye to the feeding frenzy that their campaign’s supporters always embarked on in order to recoup their campaign contributions and then some.

When people donate $3,000 it may be for ideological reasons but when they donate $300,000 they’re expecting payback in the form of government contracts or favorable legislation along the lines of mandatory vaccinations or penalties for not buying health insurance.

Then along came President Trump who owes very little to anyone in return for his or her support for his campaign.  Trump stands in stark contrast to the person he defeated, Hillary Clinton, who had spent the last quarter century developing ways to leverage every aspect of government for her personal enrichment.

Now, thanks to Presidential Policy Directive-19, Chelsea Clinton’s attempt to follow in her mother’s footsteps is about to come crashing down on her, her friends, and the Obama holdover who sought to silence the man who blew the whistle on their conspiracy.

Adam Lovinger was a senior official with the Office of Net Assessment (ONA). Lovinger came forward to question what he realized were sweetheart deals for the benefit of politically connected outside contractors.  For his effort he was downgraded to doing administrative work,

Lovinger studied the $11.2 million in ONA contracts Hillary had arranged for Chelsea’s longtime friend, Jacqueline Newmyer.  Lovinger’s suspicions were piqued when he realized that Newmyer’s company, Long Term Strategic Group, lacked federal approval to view classified materials. 

Chelsea and Newmyer had forged a lifelong friendship at the expensive Sidwell Friends School that they attended together.  Chelsea has referred to Newmyer as her “best friend.”  They were in each other’s wedding. 

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to understand that a strategic planning group lacking the necessary security clearances has little to offer when analyzing national security and Chelsea’s involvement only raises the stink level.

Over his twelve years at the ONA, Lovinger had developed a reputation as a highly respected national security analyst, receiving the highest possible rating each year he was there.  In 2006 Lovinger received the highest career award for civil servants in Office of Secretary of Defense, the “Secretary of Defense Exceptional Civilian Service Award.”

Intelligence experts in the United States and Britain say there’s no questioning Lovinger’s integrity or commitment to his job.

That didn’t stop Obama appointee James H. Baker, who was the director of the ONA and Lovinger’s boss, from trying to destroy Lovinger in a show of loyalty to Hillary Clinton who he expected to win the presidency.

First Baker leveled a series of allegations against Lovinger that pale in comparison to the allegations against Hillary Clinton and her associates.  The charges include an “unauthorized” trip to Israel, taking home unclassified academic papers to read, reading a classified document in an airplane, and having “unauthorized” contacts with the Indian government.

Lovinger had made the ONA aware he was travelling to Israel to celebrate his son’s Bar Mitzvah. While he was there he did not meet with any Israeli officials.

As for India, then Secretary of Defense Ash Carter sent an official letter praising Lovinger’s exceptional performance on collaborative net assessment with the Government of India.

Baker is now in the crosshairs of the Pentagon’s Inspector General whose investigators’ initial meeting with Lovinger and his attorney went on far longer than they had expected it to.

The retaliation against Lovinger is simply another example of what happens to anyone who tries to drain the swamp in even a modest way. 

Lovinger’s ordeal may pale in comparison to the charges that are now being floated through the mainstream media against President Trump based on Michael Flynn’s guilty plea but both are examples of what happens when a person presents a threat to the swamp.

This is why the so-called Republican deficit hawks standing in the way of tax reform, the same senators who never once voted against raising the debt ceiling to fund Obama’s massive government spending expansion, are so transparent in trying to undermine President Trump now.