Now It’s Mexico’s Turn to Panic. Trump’s Plan to Save America Comes None Too Soon

ELDER PATRIOT – Mexican workers are now learning the hard facts of life, with only so many jobs to go around only the countries that offer the most welcoming environments (as in beneficial to the company and not the political elites) will be able to compete.  There is no magic wand at play here, though Barack Obama claimed that Donald Trump would need one.

In light of the devastating holiday season reports coming from the bricks and mortar retail sector, mostly brought on by a 17% growth in ecommerce, it’s likely that the same fate awaits many malls that previously befell Main street retailers in the past.  They’re simply at the wrong end of the cost curve leaving them unable to compete on price.

This will leave many retail workers on unemployment lines in the near future as retail companies rethink their marketing strategies.  Making matters worse is that many college graduates that have failed to land work in their field of study or who majored in liberal arts curricula that left them poorly trained for more serious work had found refuge in the retail sector.

This would’ve spelled disaster for America’s already hurting job market (95,000,000 working age unemployed Americans,) and it still might.  But thankfully Donald Trump is intent on rebuilding our manufacturing base to create new and higher paying (than retail) jobs. 

We will surely have a tough couple of years as our economy turns over from being service oriented to becoming a manufacturing based one but at least we can look forward to brighter future, something we knew would never be the case under Barack or Hillary.

With only so much work to go around the last thing we need are global decision makers continuing to strip the U.S. of jobs while forcing the importation of entitlement leeches.  It’s become abundantly clear that a nation will do better when its citizens can demand policies that will allow them to compete fairly against others. 

Even better is the model left to us by the Framers whose plan to empower the individual states would improve competition dramatically.