Now Forensic Psychologists Come Forward: Seth Rich Was The Victim of …

ELDER PATRIOT – Graduate students majoring in forensic psychology at George Washington University have completed their “Profiling Project” of Seth Rich’s killer.

The report concludes that:

1. Seth’s death does not appear to be a random homicide. 

2. Seth’s death does not appear to be a robbery gone bad. 

3. Seth death was more likely committed by a hired killer or serial murderer. 

4. There may be additional video surveillance of the crime and crime scene. 

5. The resolution of prosecuting the individual(s) responsible appears to be hindered both actively and passively. 

6. Seth’s killer(s) most likely remains free within the community

Forensic psychology has been a respected and integral part of law enforcement investigators for many decades.  The science was brought to life by the portrayal by B.D. Wong as George Huang on the long-running television show, “Law and Order SVU.”

The group cited the F.B.I.’s definition of a serial killer to conclude that, “With such a sanitized crime scene and no emotional indications, this is not Offenders [sic] first kill.” 

“The crime scene was very organized to the point of being sanitized.  This would indicate careful planning on the part of the offender, control of the entry to and exit from the crime scene as well as in-depth understanding of law-enforcement investigative processes.”

One member of the research group, Kevin Doherty cited the “the fact that this person has gotten away with it shows a level of proficiency.”

The group’s findings further buttress the growing belief that Seth Rich was the victim of a professional “hit” because he threatened the Democrats’ extensive voter fraud scheme.