Notre Dame Architect Says Fire That Destroyed Bastion of Christendom Was Arson

Tyler Durden, writing for ZeroHedge has begun navigating the difficult waters that come with contesting any official narrative, but especially one as delicate as daring to suggest that the fire that consumed the nearly millennial-old Cathedral of Notre Dame might’ve been something other than an accident.

I do not read our understand the French language so I’m relying on Durden’s reading of the links and background information to be accurate.  I have left the links active for those of you who might verify this account.


Notre Dame is more than 800 years old. It survived the turbulence of the Middle Ages, the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution, two World Wars and the Nazi occupation of Paris. It did not survive what France is becoming in the 21st century.

The cause of the fire has so far been attributed to “an accident,” “a short circuit,” and most recently “a computer glitch.”

If the fire really was an accident, it is almost impossible to explain how it started. Benjamin Mouton, Notre Dame’s former chief architect, explained that the rules were exceptionally strict and that no electric cable or appliance, and no source of heat, could be placed in the attic. He added that an extremely sophisticated alarm system was in place. The company that installed the scaffolding did not use any welding and specialized in this type of work. The fire broke out more than an hour after the workers’ departure and none of them was present. It spread so quickly that the firefighters who rushed to the spot as soon as they could get there were shocked. Remi Fromont, the chief architect of the French Historical Monuments said: “The fire could not start from any element present where it started. A real calorific load is necessary to launch such a disaster”.

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It would be irresponsible to simply bury one’s head in the sand rather than acknowledge the sequence that brought us to this moment.

More than 800 churches were attacked in France during 2018 alone.  

In France, the churches are empty, serving for the vast majority of the French only as museums and historical artifacts.  

Today Islam has become the dominant religion practiced in France.  Mosques are being built everywhere and attendance is booming where Muslims listen to radical imams proselytize.

Durden continued:

For months, jihadist organizations have been issuing statements calling for the destruction of churches and Christian monuments in Europe. Notre Dame was repeatedly named as a primary target. Despite all that, the Cathedral was not adequately protected.

The fire at Notre Dame took place less than three years after a “commando unit” of jihadi women, later arrested, tried to destroy the cathedral by detonating cylinders of natural gas. Three days before last week’s fire, on April 12, the leader of the jihadis, Ines Madani, a young French convert to Islam, was sentenced to eight years in prison for creating a terrorist group affiliated with the Islamic State.

“The symbolism of the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral, the most renowned building in Western civilization, the iconic symbol of Western Christendom, is hard to miss.

“It is as if God Himself wanted to warn us in the most unmistakable way that Western Christianity is burning — and with it, Western civilization.” – Dennis Prager