Do Nothing Senate Votes to Give Itself a Raise

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s now undeniable.  The majority of the members of the Senate are shameless.  How else can you explain the whopping raises they gave themselves despite getting virtually nothing done over the first 14 months of Donald Trump’s presidency?

Trump is still waiting for dozens upon dozens of his appointees to get an up or down vote more than a year into his term.  What’s taking so long?

It’s not as though they’ve been busy drafting legislation to help Americans.  I remember the day when Congress would hold a dozen significant votes every year. 

This group of losers barely passed tax reform, something that was long over due to avoid the economy collapsing on their watch.  Then they couldn’t follow that up with spending cuts.  Instead, they increased spending by 14% just to make sure everyone got the pork they needed to insure re-election so they can all come back next term and repeat their incompetence and corruption.

Obamacare repeal?  Not a chance, not even reform even though they swore up, down, and sideways during their last campaign that would be numero uno on the docket.

For this gawd awful performance the members of the Senate insisted the omnibus bill that contained billions of dollars in pork for their friends, families and financial supporters, should still give them a little somethin’, somethin’.  Right, a lot of somethin’, somethin’.

That’s why these guys are so popular with the American public.  Just check out this Real Clear Politics average of polls regarding their public approval:

FYI, the red line isn’t their approval.  There’s good reason for this too, because every time they pass a bill it just happens to contain a whole lot of goodies for the Senators and their staffers and a whole lot of nothing for the rest of us, except debt.

Let’s look a little deeper into this omnibus.  Lookee here, these prima donnas bumped their expense accounts from $177,000 last year to $192,000 this year. 

That’s $16,000 per month they now have to spend on three martini lunches and it’s all tax-free!

Yes, their expense accounts got a whopping tax-exempt, 8% raise! 

Compare that to the poor stiffs who spent a lifetime paying their salaries and who are now on social security.  They’re getting a paltry 2% raise in benefits that our grandchildren will pick up the debt on.  Let them eat cake!

Let’s not forget the help.  Senatorial staffers will be getting a massive 7% increase in pay as an additional $12.8 million has been earmarked for them.

And, then there’s the cost of running their offices and office staff.  An extra 13% would be nice for that don’t ya think?  You don’t?  Well live with it because the Senators said that’s what they wanted.

That breaks out to an average increase per senator of $229,000.  I’m sure they’ll find some way to get their grubby paws on a portion of that money as well.  Hush money for an illicit affair or for poor choice of groping subjects, perhaps.

Just to show they’re not greedy, their salaries – you know the only part of all of this that is subject to income taxes – will be staying the same.

But hey, their policies left the rest of America’s families making almost 4% less real dollars over the past 10 years so their willingness to freeze their own pay is a sign of contrition.

Senators are paid more than three times the average of hardworking American families for stealing the earnings of American families and giving it to everyone from corporations, to foreign governments, to illegal aliens. It’s hard work redistributing your tax dollars and your children’s tax dollars, after all.

Remember their arrogance and vote in your primary.