It’s Not About Kavanaugh – It’s About the Economy, Stupid!”

Elder Patriot – The Democrats’ do not care a whit about sexual assault.  For at least three members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dianne Feinstein, Patrick Leahy, and Dick Durbin, that is inarguable:

The fact is, unlike former Democratic President Bill Clinton, there isn’t a single charge even hinting that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ever used his professional position of power to abuse any woman in any way.  

The charges, which an increasing majority of Americans have already dismissed as false and/or irrelevant, are, in essence, the shiny object that a magician would use to distract your attention from what they don’t want you to see.

What could that be?  It’s the economy, stupid.

After pulling us out of the economically destructive (for the United States and its workers) constructs of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Paris Climate Accord, President Trump reworked a trade deal with South Korea (KORUS).

Then came the crown jewel and another campaign promise kept. Trump terminated NAFTA.  It ints place was Trump’s USMCA (United States Mexico Canada Agreement).

The most important aspect of this new agreement is that it shuts off China’s backdoor (through Mexico and Canada), tariff free access to U.S. markets, a backdoor that has allowed China to extract hundreds of billions of dollars from our national wealth on an annual basis.

The transfer of this wealth resulted in the massive threat to our national security but, hey, there was all that money to be made.

The new USMCA gives President Trump added leverage as he seeks to balance our trade relationship with China and to restore our national security.

Add to all of this the Trump tax cuts and the results are simply … well … they’re Trumpian:

Since Trump’s election, using former President Obama’s favorite go to index, the stock market is up 43% and rising.  Unlike Obama’s economy, under President Trump all other economic indicators have massively improved, also.

So why has the corporately owned mainstream media relentless torched him since before his election?

Answer; because the are corporately owned. (H/T the Conservative Treehouse)

The illicit corporate-governing elites trade schemes, cheap labor and the standard of living in Vietnam and Southeast Asia became more important to Wall Street and DC lobbyists, than the financial security of the failing small towns across America’s flyover country.

The same small towns that strive to preserve the conscience of Judeo-Christian America.

Donald Trump has awakened an American middle-class insurgency that has early on was recognized as an existential threat to the professional political class and every entity who lives in/around the professional political class.  

There are literally trillions of dollars in downstream money at stake for these modern day robber barons.

Their entire corrupt political apparatus is threatened by the Trump-led insurgency. The entire political industry, international corporations, K Street, and all of governance, is threatened by Donald Trump and the shear force of his massive following.

Donald Trump’s ascendancy, and the light he is shedding on their illicit schemes, has become an existential threat to the existence of the corrupt DC system. That covers a whole lot of enemies, both, inside and outside of government.

Their decades long global efforts to tear at the very fabric of our ordered and polite Judeo-Christian society is being systematically exposed by President Trump.  

If preserving that system of multi-trillion dollar fraud requires destroying a single man and his loving family, well then, so be it.

Just remember, their demonic approach applies to everyone who gets in their way.  One day that might be your son or daughter.

Oh, and remember one more thing: the massive leviathan criminal elements aligned against Trump ran their favorite sexual abuser for re-election behind this mantra:

It’s the Economy. Stupid!