It’s No Joke: Hillary Clinton will be Presented Harvard’s Radcliffe Award For Her Impact on Society

Elder Patriot – According to a press release, the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University will be presenting the Radcliffe Medal to Hillary Clinton.

The award recognizes individuals who have had a “transformative impact” on society. 

This is not a joke.

It is hard to envision a less deserving person walking the face of this planet unless the award includes consideration of those who have had the most negative transformative impact, as well.

In making the announcement Radcliffe Institute Dean Lizabeth Cohen said: 

“Hillary Clinton’s life and career are an inspiration to people around the world.

“Whether in Arkansas, Washington, D.C., New York state or traveling around the globe as secretary of State.  Secretary Clinton has provided a model of what it takes to transform society, often under scrutiny — tireless effort, toughness amid the political fray, and an enduring capacity to envision a better future.”

Until transforming America into a Matriarchal Socialist Utopia where Hillary Clinton gets to skim a percentage of every deal the United States enters into, it’s hard to understand what Cohen is talking about.

By “tireless effort” the delusional dean must be referring to Hillary’s fundraising efforts in Hollywood and as Secretary of State selling U.S. assets to the highest bidders.  She sure wasn’t referring to the campaign Hillary ran from the estates of her California friends.

Cohen claimed that Clinton was a “skilled legislator” despite the fact Hillary didn’t offer a single legislative initiative while in the Senate.

The loopy dean also claimed that Hillary was “an advocate of American leadership to create a world in which states live up to their responsibilities.”

Those responsibilities apparently included invading Libya and assassinating its leader, supplying Russia with weapons grade Uranium, denigrating and marginalizing the Middle East’s lone democracy, Israel, shipping our manufacturing production overseas thereby threatening our national security, and screwing American workers by allowing unfettered immigration across our borders. 

I know, I know, there’s a lot more but space limitations apply.

Cohen went on to say: “We commend Secretary Clinton for her accomplishments in the public sphere as a champion for human rights and the welfare of all.”

These can’t be the workplace rights for women like Monica Lewinsky and Kathleen Willey.  Or, the rights of rape survivors like Juanita Broaddrick. 

She can’t be referring to Hillary’s refusal to demand improved women’s rights in Saudi Arabia where her position as Secretary of State granted her incredible leverage to do so.  Maybe that’s because the Saudis had bought her off with $20 million.

Cohen can’t be referring to the women of Western Europe who have been the victims of savage rape gangs consisting of Muslim migrants that she and Angela Merkel together demanded be welcomed.

Hillary Clinton is deserving of a long prison term for her misdeeds and illegalities, not an award.  How anyone can find anything good to cite that she’s done – other than offering platitudes – should really tax the collective geniuses at Harvard.