Fascist Flamethrower Adam Schiff is the Reason to Vote Republican No Matter What District You Live In

Elder Patriot – Democrat character assassin Adam Schiff just took an embarrassing beatdown on twitter from New Jersey Republican Tom MacArthur.  

Schiff smeared MacArthur as he has done so many others before when he tweeted this:

Representative Schiff got himself bitch-slapped for smearing before checking the facts:

Ooh, is that shit on your face, Adam? Nice try, asshole.

But this is far more about the totality of who Adam Schiff is than a single mistakenly venial and stupid tweet.

A check of Adam Schiff’s Twitter posts (@AdamSchiff) is enough to make you puke.  

Check this reference to then Judge Brett Kavanaugh:

Hey Schifty, how many FBI investigations would satisfy you?  Kavanaugh passed seven – two within the past few months – with flying colors.

Schifty also used his twitter to praise corrupt Senator Dianne Feinstein who was the architect of Senate Judiciary Democrats strategy to destroy a solid and pious man for purely political reasons:

It should scare you that Schiff is in line to become head of the House Permanent Special Committee on Intelligence if the Democrats win control of the House in November.  He would replace Devin Nunes – the lone member of the Gang of Eight who was willing to buck the Deep State and that saved Trump’s presidency.

Schiff is privy to the same classified information as Nunes yet he has refused to acknowledge the weaponization of the DOJ and FBI that took place under Obama.  

Fascists like Schiff and his Democrat comrades prefer the police state tactics that Obama instituted.

More than a dozen members of the corrupt Obama FBI and DOJ have been fired.  Schiff alibis for them instead of admitting the corruption and engaging in discussions to fix things.

If you’re considering voting for the Democrat in your district, keep in mind that if the Democrat in your district is elected he might be the one to tip the balance of power in the House and hand control of the HPSCI to Schiff.

If that happens the investigation into the Deep State swamp, that attempted to negate our vote in 2016,  goes poof.

If that’s not enough to move your vote, consider that Maxine Waters would become chairman of the Financial Services Committee.

Given these possibilities it’s become downright dangerous to the future of our republic to vote for even a single Democrat in any district.