Ninth Circuit Announces its Ruling: Trump Was Right When He Said This Election Would Be The Last One That Mattered

ELDER PATRIOT – The Ninth Circuit’s decision is in.  Three liberal judges ignored Stare Decisis and gutted Article II of the U.S. Constitution by seizing the heretofore exclusively executive powers to set foreign policy for themselves.

Even more disturbing these unelected judges seized the powers of the American citizens who voted for President Trump precisely because he promised them he would do exactly this.

The most upsetting aspect of this is that they ruled to protect the interests of non-citizens over the citizens of the country.  This is something Donald Trump warned us about at every rally he held.

Candidate Trump consistently warned us that liberal courts had seized control of our government and that unless we elected him to restore order to the courts we would be facing the end of our Democracy.

Trump was 100% correct in his prophecy.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell must now go full steam ahead to provide Trump with his entire cabinet so that he can be fully armed for the court battles that are going to become a hallmark of the Democrats’ obstructionist plans.

And, McConnell must employ the nuclear option as soon as is reasonable to get Neil Gorsuch seated on the Supreme Court lest we see this stripping of presidential and legislative power repeated endlessly for the next four years.

If not, the Soros funded riots, that the Democrats have been relying on to create the impression that there is a public outcry against the policies of President Trump, will look like a friendly game of tag compared to the coming conservative revolution.

It’s time to sharpen your pitchforks and soak your torches in oil.  We have a nation to save!