Nine Pictures Prove G-20 “Protestors” Have Made A Convincing Argument

Take a look at the nine pictures that Breitbart posted and tell me if you aren’t as convinced as I have become that I …

Police were pelted with rocks and bricks.

… need a couple thousand more rounds of 5.56 ammo for my A/R 15. 

The right to protest peacefully is undisputed.  When it crosses the line into property damage, arson and threats of physical intimidation or worse, citizens must reserve the right to protect themselves and their property is the police can’t or won’t.

All of the property that was destroyed belonged to law-abiding citizens.  The taxpayers who fund the police deserve to have their property protected by police using whatever means necessary, especially because this lawlessness was the result of criminal behavior by rent-a-thugs whose presence, participation and transportation was paid by organizations that use anarchy to advance political movements for economic gain.  This fits the definition of a criminal enterprise.

They may hide behind names like social justice warriors but they are violent thugs and when the police refuse, or are denied the latitude to do anything but stand and watch then it becomes incumbent on each of us to protect not only ourselves and our families but our neighbors as well.

Interesting how these punks never bring their grievances to areas where there’s no gun control to protect them from the social justice they deserve.

There’s something else I’ve become convinced of.  I have no interest in visiting Hamburg anytime soon.