NFL Players Are This Generation’s Useful Idiots

Elder Patriot – When President Trump called out NFL owners for tolerating players who go to the knees during the playing of our national anthem he set ablaze a national firestorm.  This was not an off the cuff misspeak by the president. 

Trump knew exactly what the repercussions would be but knew he had to awaken Americans to how Obama had coerced ownership into becoming a propaganda arm of the globalist movement.

Once it became known to Obama that the NFL had colluded to hide information from its players about the long-term affects of football induced head trauma he used the threat of federal liability lawsuits to recruit NFL owners into service in his mass media propaganda operation.

The value to Obama was clear, the NFL is the single most popular sports league with the power to influence large numbers of politically disinterested fans.  Obama saw that advertisers spend billions of dollars annually recruiting players to market their products to gullible fans and he wanted to harness that influence for his movement.

The value to ownership is equally clear, protecting their multi-billion dollar investments from further scrutiny and the crushing lawsuits that Obama’s high politicized Department of Justice would’ve been all too willing to pursue.

Meanwhile, the players are getting screwed with new evidence of CTE surfacing everyday, but they are too ignorant to realize that they are being used as pawns in this fight.

Frankly, that the DOJ didn’t pursue a lawsuit against the NFL for deliberately continuing to put its players’ health at risk stands as evidence that something untoward was afoot.

This brings us to President Trump’s calculated decision to call out the owners now.

Americans have been the victims of a decades long conditioning program to render them automatons by every institution of government and the MSM.  Trump made the complicity of the MSM in this covert operation a cornerstone of his campaign and in the months since he assumed office.

The more he fought the lies the more the propaganda machine launched new attacks from other segments of the pop culture community.  Trump believes that NFL fans share much in common with the NASCAR community that has stood by our president come hell or high water.

The president has a drawn a figurative line in the sand to gage the level of support he might have with NFL viewers and the early results are supportive of him.  Last night it was reported that viewership fell another 10% on Sunday beyond the massive falloff since Kaepernick’s misplaced protest first began.

We’ve already discussed the players right to voice their opinions in yesterday’s column. 

When Michael Jordan was asked why he wasn’t expounding his political views his answer was straightforward: “Because Republicans wear sneakers too!”

If you think this is all conspiracy theory ask yourself a simple question, “Why would any employer continue the employment of employees who are actively engaged in demonetizing their investment?”

Business entities have every right to set workplace standards for their employees.  In fact, they already do with rules that prohibit excessive celebrations and the extended thumb throat-slashing action.

Owners cannot block or punish those employees from expressing their views outside of the workplace.  It’s time the NFL owners demand their players conduct themselves in a professional manner while they are in the “office.”

What’s interesting is that Google, Facebook, YouTube and the like are demonetizing conservative news sources like us while the people are now demonetizing the mainstream media.