Next Year’s News Today

This is was major news on Monday:

We’re not arguing whether this is big news, it is, but why did it take more than a year for the mainstream media to catch up with this story that we reported on in early April of 2018:

Do You Approve of Internet Censorship of Conservatives?  Laugh Now But You’re Next!

We cited the role WikiLeaks played in raising our awareness when it released an email sent from Teresita Perez, a policy advisor at Google, to former Clinton campaign CEO John Podesta.

The email seemed to confirm that Facebook was already deep into the development of a Chinese style social credit score designed to encourage behaviors acceptable to those who manage the scoring system, and to punish those who don’t including political dissidents.

Conservatives, are you listening?

Bruce Kennedy writing for CBS’ Moneywatch warned about how pervasive the Chinese system is:

“Other factors that can drive down a credit score on the Chinese system are no-no’s such as posting political opinions online without permission or describing controversial current events — such as the recent Chinese stock market collapse — in ways that differ from the official government version.”

The left, with it’s recent obsession with talking up a recession, should be quaking in their boots.  Makes one wonder how much influence China may hold over (purchased) them and Facebook, doesn’t it?

Rick Falkvinge, a blogger at explained further:

“But the kicker is that if any of your friends do this — publish opinions without prior permission, or report accurate but embarrassing news — your score will also deteriorate.  And this will have a direct impact on your quality of life.”

Toe the government line or you will be isolated from the herd and your life will be destroyed.  

Compare these 16-month-old warnings with the left’s efforts to shame their political opponents into silence.  That alignment should scare anyone who believes that the cornerstone of our freedoms is our right to speak freely and without fear of reprisal.

The question those defending Facebook and Google’s censorship have to now ask themselves is just how much of their personal secrets they are willing to suffer so that the Marxist Utopia may be realized?

Back in April of 2018 we were being punished by Facebook for peddling fake news.  How’s that look now?