Next: Trump Drains the Swamp at Customs and Border Protection

ELDER PATRIOT – During the campaign Donald Trump promised to secure our southern border.  Less than a week after having been sworn in as president he is delivering on that promise on multiple fronts.

President Trump has begun taking bids on the construction of the wall that he guaranteed would be built despite the staunch opposition from both Democrats and the leadership of his own party.

The wall will be built.

Next Trump took aim at the leadership that Obama left behind at U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  He refused to entrust our nation’s security to career bureaucrats who willingly stood by and did nothing while under orders from President Obama.

Trump has made it clear he wants outspoken alpha males in positions that Americans rely on for their safety and so yesterday Trump completed the leadership purge at U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

CBP Commissioner was jettisoned last Friday as soon as Trump took office.  And yesterday Trump’s acting Commissioner Kevin McAleelan confirmed the departure of U.S Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan.

Trump promised Americans he would stop the invasion coming across our southern border and he has wasted no time acting on that promise. 

President Trump continues draining the swamp that Obama filled.