New Trump Tweets: FBI Director Wray in President’s Crosshairs.

Elder Patriot- It’s become increasingly evident over the past two years that FBI Director Christopher Wray was not going to clean out the corrupt influences within the Bureau as President Trump hoped he would when he appointed him.

Instead, Wray has alibied for the Bureau and denied a problem existed within his ranks.

By the way Wray has conducted himself he is essentially defending the corruption of the Obama administration rather than defending the rule of law.

Wray has not turned out to be the lawman Trump expected him to be and that the nation needs.  He is bureaucrat, interested only in protecting the bureaucracy.

Rebuilding the integrity and respect of the FBI is something he is not up to.

Last night, in a series of tweets, President Trump added the FBI director to those he has identified as having hindered his presidency, when he quoted Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch…

In the case of his FBI director, President Trump recognizes the manner in which Wray has efforted to protect those who participated in the corrupt construct to destroy his presidency rather than to make the wholesale changes that are required following eight years of Obama-ordered police state application.

Wray’s “nothing to see here” approach just isn’t cutting it for a president who demands fealty to the Constitution and direct action from those who work for him…

Keep in mind, with all of the departures of these FBI high-level career officials, Wray publicly announced that he had found no political bias inside the Bureau.  At the same presser he announced that he would be instituting a program for bias training.

Wray, by endeavoring to hide the Obama administration’s institutional bias and the Obama ordered corrupt application of the FBI’s powers, has positioned himself as an enemy of a free people who count on the FBI to enforce the law and not abuse it.

President Trump may have put Director Wray on notice last night but the president is far from finished draining the Obama-created swamp.

“Yeah Maria, they’re scared to death.  It’s why when you talk about accountability, one of the things that they fear is Michael Horowitz’s report coming out.  

“But the other thing that they fear is an attorney general who has been unapologetic, unabashed, and unrelenting in his pledge to get to the bottom of this Trump-Russia collusion narrative…” – Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX)

Rest assured this won’t end with Christopher Wray.  More to come…