Is The New Republican Challenger To AOC Being Promoted to Guarantee Ocasio-Cortez’s Re-Election?

Elder P’s Opinion| We start with the knowledge that winning a Republican primary is almost impossible without the validation of the party’s bosses.  

Having been a part of multiple primary challenges to a RINO House member we came to understand the way the “Club” operates.

Paul Ryan and then-Governor Chris Christie decided the party should throw the full weight of their $upport behind the establishment con man rather than the conservative candidate that was running against him.

The con man won two more elections before voters threw him overboard for a real Democrat in the general election.

Our antenna is picking up signals that the same thing happening in NY-14 where Sherie Murray has been given a grand rollout by entrenched media powers after she announced she was challenging radical Democrat-Marxist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She announced her candidacy on Wednesday and already the Jamaican born “Republican” candidate Murray has gotten virtually unprecedented attention from the media.  Something is up.

Murray announces her candidacy and within a day she has multiple interviews on Fox News and Fox Business?  Network interviews are scheduled in advance – a week or more in advance. This smells like three day old fish.

Neither does Murray have polling numbers to suggest that multiple appearances within two days of her announcement are warranted.

Sean Hannity gave her campaign launch the royal treatment with a nearly four-minute segment:

Candidates can’t get four minutes of radio time with nationally syndicated talkers.

Having spent time with Sean in more than a few small group settings, I found him to be an honest but naive (hopeful?) man, as his slavish support for Lindsey Graham proves.  

Sean needs to ask the producer who scheduled Murray about this:

Two years ago, Murray was congratulating AOC with full knowledge that she is a ‘Democrat Socialist.’  

Even if she had a complete change of heart about AOC after only six months of watching her in congress, Murray is not the type of committed, clear-thinking candidate that warrants serious consideration the day after deciding to run.  

The owners of Fox News’, the Murdochs, are staunch advocates for rewarding illegal aliens with citizenship as part of what they would consider ‘comprehensive immigration reform’.

Partnership for a New American Economy is a coalition of business leaders and mayors launched by Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch to influence public opinion and policymakers toward comprehensive immigration reform.

Among other goals, NAE will works to persuade Congress and the White House to enact legislation which will create “a path to legal status for all undocumented immigrants now in the United States”.

Take a look at some of the other names on this list.  They are some of the most radical open borders advocates anywhere on earth.

My senses tell me there’s a distinct likelihood that Sherie Murray is being promoted to protect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2020.