While Nancy Pelosi Works on Her Tan Trump Continues Trying to Secure Our Borders: Threatens El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala – End Caravans or Lose Aid

Opinion| Only a complete fool, or someone in denial would suggest that illegal immigration doesn’t come at a cost to American taxpayers.  

Whether those costs are through direct payments (food stamps, Welfare, medical care, etc.,) or whether they accrue indirectly (lost jobs, crime, education costs, police and fire protection, suppressed wages, etc.) those costs currently estimated to exceed $135 Billion dollars annually.

With the U.S. facing an $800 Billion deficit this year it would seem curtailing the costs from illegal immigration would be a good place to start cutting into that shortfall.  It’s one way to accomplish savings without impacting the benefits of even a single American citizen.

The Wall that President Trump is demanding is a small pittance when compared to massive costs of continuing down the road we’re currently on.

The idea that border security can be achieved using drones and sensors is, in my opinion,  pure foolishness and expounded only by those who want badly to believe in that possibility.

Those who believe those alternatives can work are encouraged to remove the doors and windows to their house, advertise what awaits intruders, and rely on a drone to alert the police to see how well that approach would work.

We can’t even stop porch pirates that way.

Fortunately President Trump understands these dynamics and is willing to fight for Americans’ right to have their government act responsibly with their money regardless of how high the propaganda media and Dems turn the heat up.

So while the presumptive Speaker of the incoming House thumbs her nose at us plebeians and works on her tan at an exclusive Hawaiian resort, and the rest of the Dems have abrogated their responsibilities and returned home for the holidays, President Trump remains in Washington working on strategies to minimize the damage being done to our country because of unconscionable border policies.

One approach the president has settled on is to cut off aid to the nations where these caravans originate – incentivize these countries to prevent the caravans from ever organizing.

Another is to shut the border with Mexico completely and force manufacturers to relocate in the United States.

The end result would be many billions of dollars in direct savings – more than the $5 Billion the president has requested for funding the Wall – and $10’s of billions in bringing manufacturing back from Mexico.

And, not a single American citizen would be negatively impacted!

Democrats want Trump to make good on his campaign promise to have Mexico pay for the Wall.  Well, this does it in spades.