Must Watch Video: Dan Bongino Blows the Lid Off the Clintons/Obama, and The Political Whores They Surrounded Themselves With, Plan to Destroy Trump

Elder Patriot – Yesterday we discussed the power that the mainstream media wields in forming the perceptions held by large swaths of ideologically driven and uninformed voters.  

As Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) made clear, when equating ICE with the KKK, Democrats in the political arena depend on perception, not facts, to move their base.  

Harris, along with everyone of her fellow Democrats, also created the perception, without a single shred of evidence, that Brett Kavanaugh was a rapist just to move the sentiment of her voters.  And, for too large a segment of our population, they succeeded.

No amount of money would move the majority of her followers to engage in the destruction of a man and his family but, driven by their desire to believe her, they chose sides against a good and decent man.

For Harris, as it is with most politicians, it is about money and power.  

That brings us to Barack Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton.  In the history of the United States, there’s never been three more corrupt people intent on accumulating power and money.  

They were able, and continue to be able, to get away with by relying on perception, and the mainstream media’s ability to craft the perception of the masses.

The corrupt mainstream media convinced a large percentage of Americans that it was Donald Trump who is cozy with Russia by weaponizing Obama administration sycophants in key positions in the White House, the State Department and, within the Intelligence Community.

The Clintons and Obama escaped the scrutiny of the MSM despite overwhelming evidence linking the former presidents and secretary of state to massive giveaways to Putin.

The corrupt MSM was so successful that the public accepted the appointment of a special counsel.  It is the existence of that special counsel that has ground the wheels of justice to a halt. And it is the reason that the special counsel will continue his fishing expedition interminably.

Dan Bongino explains: