Must See Video: Man Destroys Soros’ Billion Dollar Narrative With A Hug

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s come to light that 70% of the rioters arrested in Charlotte this week produced out-of-state identification to the officers processing their arrests.  That puts the lie to the narrative that these riots are being generated organically.

Left-wing radicals have thrown a billion dollars behind Black Lives Matter to foment this civil insurrection for the sole purpose of convincing black folk that if they don’t embrace Hillary Clinton’s hatred for the police they will never achieve social justice.

All the money and effort appears to get turned back when a brave young Black man in a twenty-dollar T-shirt challenges the instigators in the mob for their blanket condemnation of every police officer.

The man first hugs a white cop and then a black one as Soros’ paid provocateurs begin berating him: “You a pussy nigga!”

The man turns to the mob and tells them, “It’s not like that.”

While some of the rioters (the paid operatives?) continue to try to marginalize the man he steps towards them with an argument based in logic that ends with the majority of the crowd nodding in agreement:

“We cannot say that every cop is bad, none of these people here shot anyone.

“The thing is, I see them as human beings just like I see everybody on this side as human beings. “This uniform doesn’t make him a robot just like your skin color doesn’t make you a criminal.

“This man [the police officer] gave me a hug and this man [Soros’ Black Lives Matter agent provocateur] wants to fight me because of that.

“How does that make sense? Spreading more hate into the world, that’s what’s frustrating me.”

Watch members of the movement begin nodding their heads in acceptance of his truth.

One man with a message and a T-shirt completely destroys the billion-dollar campaign of the radical globalist movement. Very similar to Donald Trump, don’t you think?