Must See TV: Fox News’ Steve Hilton’s Panel Nails Its Analysis of The Mueller Report and Democrats’ Reaction to It

Elder Patriot – Steve Hilton’s The Next Revolution airs on Fox News Channel on Sunday nights.  Last night he was joined in studio by Gregg Jarrett (author of The Russia Hoax), Sara Carter (who has been investigation this travesty of justice from the beginning), and conservative political pundit Lisa Boothe.

Joining the in-studio panel from remote locates were Ari Fleischer (former George W. Bush White House Press Secretary) and Kayleigh McEnany (former RNC national spokesperson and current National Press Secretary for Trump 2020.)

While dissecting the Mueller Report, and what led us to this point, they hit it out of the park.

That’s largely because they ignored the DNC’s pre-packaged talking points that the Marxist media propagandists were busy repeating ad nauseam.

Instead, Hilton’s panel focused on the facts gleaned from three years of investigations and made a comprehensive analysis from 30,000 feet of where we’ve been over that time.

This is TV the way the Framers would have envisioned it to be.  This deserves everyone’s attention.

If you care about preventing our government from completing its circle of tyranny before it’s too late, you’ll watch this.

Remember this 2016 tweet from David Plouffe, the man who seduced Americans into voting for Barack Obama – the Manchurian president.