Why There Must Be No Pardons

ELDER PATRIOT – The talking heads and political pundits are imploring Donald Trump to pardon Hillary Clinton and everyone associated with her.  That may turn out to be a politically necessary action but before he does the public deserves to know what those pardons may be over. 

Simply sweeping these incredibly egregious crimes under the table in the interest of some attempt to establish the illusion of “comity” would be a slap in the face to every American who expects their political leaders, and those they surround themselves with, to conform to the highest and ethical moral behavior.

The charges against the Clintons are extensive and destructive of the very foundations of our country in particular and more generally to all humanity.

Enough evidence has already surfaced suggesting the Clinton crime syndicate has been deeply involved in:

  • Purposefully mishandling our government’s most sensitive national security information and, engaged in the sale of nuclear missile technology to China and the sale of weapons grade uranium to Russia for their personal enrichment,
  • Formed and ran a foundation designed as a means for laundering money received in exchange for the purchase of political influence from Mrs. Clinton or her minions in Congress,
  • An effort to defraud the integrity of the 2016 election by engaging in widespread vote fraud and rigging the primary process of her own party so that the will of the people would be silenced.
  • Instigating civil unrest through legitimizing groups like Black Lives Matter to advance a political narrative for her own benefit but that has resulted in the deaths of dozens of innocent police officers.
  • And, if reports from sources within the NYPD are true, child sex trafficking for the purposes of unlawful sexual contact with adults.

These are not crimes stemming from poorly conceived political strategies or even the simple pardoning of a criminal in exchange for a payoff as Bill Clinton did for Mark Rich on his last day in office.   

No, the crimes of the Clintons have been so deeply damaging to the fundamentals of a free and the moral conscience of a lawful and decent society that they cannot go unpunished.  If there must be compassion forced by political considerations let that compassion be shown after the facts have been made public and the extent of the illegal activities has been made public.

The crimes against humanity that were perpetrated by Hillary Clinton and her extensive network of criminal minions must be fully investigated and the findings made public so that not a single one of them ever is entrusted with the public’s trust again. 

The investigators must be free to determine the full extent of this criminal network even if it leads us to peripherally associated elected and appointed officials and no matter how significant their positions.  This must include the exposure of any Republicans that become implicated.

The American people has an absolute right to be confident in the knowledge that their representatives are free from being extorted, threatened or bribed.  Nothing less will suffice.

Until that investigation is complete and made public Mrs. Clinton will remain free to sell her political influence that includes the ability to bribe, extort and threaten those she has control over. 

Mr. Trump promised to drain the swamp.  It all starts with the Clinton crime family.  Anything other than that will be tantamount to fighting the war on drugs by arresting a street level pusher and saying the job is finished.