Mueller’s Adds Another Clinton Loyalist to Sharply Partisan Team

Elder Patriot – Special counsel Robert Mueller has added Uzo Asonye to serve as local counsel for the prosecution of Paul Manafort.  Add Asonye to the list of Democrats on Mueller’s team.  Asonye contributed $900 to Hillary’s presidential campaign.

That’s adds one more registered Democrat to Mueller’s highly partisan team.  Mueller hasn’t found one registered Republican who he thinks would be a worthy addition to the group of prosecutors he has assembled.

You’d think that an “Independent” counsel would want to look like he’s truly independent.  You know, he’d want to look like he’s playing it straight down the middle.  At least, you’d think that might be important. 

But the fact is we’re living in highly partisan times and Mueller, having whored himself out to the Clintons and Obama is only interested in saving his own bacon at this point and that mean’s taking down President Trump by any means possible.

Mueller’s team is so biased that he actually had to dismiss one member of it, Peter Strzok, after it was learned that was up to his eyeballs in the corruption at the FBI having led the dismissal of charges against Hillary Clinton as well as the unfounded charges of Russian collusion against Donald Trump.

We should take heart from this, though.  That’s because the Office of Inspector General is about to release all of the sordid details about the corruption at the Department of Justice and the FBI that Mueller has been in a desperate race to obscure with an indictment of President Trump prior to the OIG report becoming public.

And, because of the mainstream media’s staunch defense of Mueller’s highly biased team they should have no problems when a similarly constructed team of Republican prosecutors start prosecuting the criminals that Obama assembled to hide his and Hillary’s crimes. 

The clock is ticking Mr. Mueller.  Let Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, James Clapper, Robert Brennan, James Comey, and the dozens (hundreds?) of others who are counting on you to protect them from the law that their time is about up.  And, like your team of prosecutors, ours will show no mercy either.