Mueller Testimony: “Outside My Purview,” “Can’t Comment on Internal Deliberations,” “I Stand by the Report,” “Speaks for Itself,” “Never Heard of Fusion GPS”

E.Patriot’s Opinion| Forty-million dollars and all we got was a stinking 448-page report that was short on evidence and material facts, and that relied on twisted legal theories.  John Ratcliffe (R-TX) used his time to call Mueller to task for establishing “new” legal theories: 

For $17.39 anyone could buy Dan Bongino’s  259-page book, “Spygate,” and have a more complete accounting – long on factual evidence and short on innuendo – of the Obama administration’s CIA-DOJ-FBI illegal efforts to destroy a political opponent.

Instead, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s inability to defend the report that bears his name under questioning from House Judiciary Committee Republicans, this morning, exposed the $40 million, 448-page report as a political hit piece.

From the beginning, his voice was quivering and he often stumbled over his words when giving answers to questions.  

The impression was that of a man who had little direct knowledge of the evidence contained in the report (someone else wrote it), or he knew he would be lying… or, a mixture of both.

He was often caught contradicting himself and the report he seemed unable to defend.  

Rather than a definitive report of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, his multiple contradictions made it clear Mueller never had any intention of reporting the truth unless he could incriminate Donald Trump.

Under questioning by Jim Jordan (R-OH) it became obvious that his team of “angry partisan Democrats” were focused on incriminating President Trump to the exclusion of any of their own political allies.

Rep. Jordan got Mueller to admit the special counsel’s team never investigated Fusion GPS, the Clinton funded opposition research firm that generated the Steele Dossier, that was used as the foundational evidence for the original FBI investigation.

Mueller claimed  to have not even heard of Fusion GPS.  

The former special counsel had no answer when Jordan asked him why he never charged Joseph Mifsud – the man that we were told triggered the investigation – with lying even though he had been caught making false statements on at least three separate occasions.

Jordan highlighted Miueller’s hypocrisy by pointing to the treatment of Trump associates, especially three-star General Michal Flynn.

Mueller constantly dodged  answering questions with these phrases, “that’s outside my purview,” “I stand by what’s written in the report,” and “the report speaks for itself,” and  “I can’t comment on internal deliberations.”

Seriously?  That’s outside his purview?  He was the titular head of an all encompassing investigation and a few questions are now outside his purview.  

Didn’t the chairman of this committee, Jerrold Nadler tell us that they had a duty to provide oversight for the American people?  Where’s the oversight when Mueller is allowed to answer only the questions he wants to?  

Isn’t this what Democrats base their obstruction case against President Trump on…not personally answering questions?

Then there’s this doozy.  “I can’t comment on internal deliberations.”


Special counsel Mueller, and/or whoever wrote the report, efforted to create the appearance President Trump obstructed justice when he ordered White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller.

But Mueller was never fired.  Therefore, wouldn’t the president’s discussions with his attorneys be protected from prosecution under the same legal premise… that they were internal deliberations on which no action should be taken?

By Democrats’ own standards, it’s fair to conclude that the 10-month long FBI investigation, the 22-month long special counsel investigation, and now Nadler’s refusal to accept the special counsel’s refusal to charge and to pursue yet another investigation, has been and continues to be a perversion of justice.