Mueller Report: No Collusion! No Obstruction! Complete and Total Exoneration

Elder Patriot – Moments ago Attorney General William Barr finished briefing reporters on the findings – more precisely the lack of findings – of the Mueller Report.

For the transcript click here.

Barr quoted directly from Mueller’s own words contained in the final report:

Barr repeated the findings seven times while noting that the White House had cooperated “fully” with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of partisan hatchetmen.

Trump was prepared for the findings and took to Twitter:

Barr also reiterated what he had cited in his four-page summary letter after a desperate reporter foolishly asked whether the failure to charge was based on a previous Justice Department’s determination that a sitting president could not be indicted:

Democrats have already revealed their strategy going forward… press on trying to convince Americans that President Trump’s perfectly natural inclination to defend himself can somehow be conflated into obstruction.

For that conclusion, Mueller, again,  found no proof. Instead, the special counsel discussed 10 areas where obstruction may have existed but he found no proof with which to move forward on.

As Dan Bongino explained on his podcast yesterday, evidence is easy to find. Proof not so much.  If you were in the same city that the bank robbery took place, that would be evidence but not proof.

Barr also made clear that the president, nor any members of his legal team, exerted executive privilege over any findings.  Nor did they request any other redactions be made.

Dems’ intent to create a narrative around Trump’s anger at being unjustly charged with collusion as a basis for charges of obstruction is reminiscent of their attacks on Brett Kavanaugh for not showing the proper reverence for senators accusing him of gang rape.


It was only a few short months ago that Dems were castigating Trump and his attorneys for “attacking the sacred institutions of government” as evidence of Obama-era corruption within the CIA, DOJ, FBI, and the State Department was coming to light.

What happened?