Mueller Failure, DOJ-FBI House Cleaning, OIG Report, Huber and now Giuliani Send Dems Into Last-Ditch Delaying Tactic

Elder Patriot – It’s over for the Deep State and its political front organization the Democratic Party.  Despite all of the power centers under their control they see the handwriting on the wall.  Their last hope is now the midterms and that Americans might be persuaded to vote to empower the Dems to turn on the man they elected to drain the swamp – when he is on the verge of doing exactly that right now. 

With the official announcement that Rudy Giuliani was now part of Trump’s legal team they know that Rudy has come loaded for bear.

This was all in the public record in October 2016 when this recording was made.

Now that the house cleaning is almost complete at the DOJ and the FBI we have learned that some of the rats went scurrying for the exits while others likely turned on their fellow conspirators to soften their own landing as much as possible.

Department of Justice:


Attorney General Loretta Lynch

DOJ-National Security Division Chief John Carlin

DOJ-National Security Division Chief May McCord

Deputy Assistant Attorney General David Laufman


Acting Attorney General Sally Yates

Cooperating Witnesses:

Bruce Ohr – Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General with the DOJ-National Security Division – Still employed but demoted.

Dana Boente – Former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia [EDVA] who was witness to the Clinton and Trump investigations but never participated in the wrongdoing.  After Trump fired Sally Yates Trump promoted Boente to Acting A.G. until Sessions was confirmed.  Boente has vast knowledge of Main Justice wrongdoings and is the only one of the witnesses listed here that is clean.

Lisa Page – Former Counsel from Main Justice assisting/colluding with FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.  Believed to have given text messages to the OIG.  Still employed but reassigned.



FBI Chief of Staff James Rybicki

FBI Director of Communications Michael Kortan


FBI Director James Comey

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Cooperating Witnesses:

James Baker – Former FBI chief legal counsel.  Confidant and close adviser to FBI Director James Comey.  Baker was demoted but remains employed likely because of his familiarity with the extent of the Comey’s role in the corruption at the bureau.

Peter Strzok – Advanced to #2 at FBI Counterintelligence after burying Clinton email investigation and as reward for his role in managing Trump-Russia collusion investigation.  Demoted but still employed at FBI.

Bill Priestap – Former head of FBI Counterintelligence.  Strzok reported directly to Priestap.  Evidence suggests Priestap may be clean and that Strzok and McCabe worked directly with one another on Clinton email case and Trump-Russia narrative.  Priestap is the only surviving official at the top of the FBI’s CoC.  Of major importance is the mention in the Nunes memo that Priestap contradicts the claims of Comey, McCabe, Former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

The level of detailed evidence that Inspector General Horowitz has been buried under is so copious that he has required nearly 500 investigators working for a year to sift through and organize all of it. 

It’s over for the Democrats and many of the top Deep State operatives but they are throwing one more Hail Mary in the form of a lawsuit against the Trump campaign, the Russian government, and WikiLeaks.

Their problem is that special counsel Robert Mueller, and FBI Director Comey before him, had been looking for evidence of collusion between these three entities for nearly two years and haven’t found any. 

Democrats know this but the aim of the lawsuit is to delay the inevitable acknowledgement that there is nothing to the Russian collusion story long enough to win the House back and with that the ability to launch impeachment proceedings.

This is nothing more than a replay of the Dem’s claims, bolstered by their mainstream media propaganda machine that failed the first time around. 

There is an important difference this time around, however.  The IG’s report including the testimony of Ohr, Boente, Page, Baker, Strzok, Priestap, among likely others will deflect the pass at the line of scrimmage before it gets much air under it.

Enjoy the show.