Mueller Desperately Subverting Justice To Hide His Own Russian Collusion

Elder Patriot – Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now neck-deep in his own Russia collusion scandal. This one is the subject of both House and the Senate subcommittees that will soon have enough evidence to send Mueller to prison for the rest of his natural life.

As you might know by now, Mueller was the F.B.I. director when the Obama administration approved the sale of 20% of the U.S. weapons grade uranium to a company directly controlled by Vladimir Putin.

At the time, Mueller was sitting on enough information to squash the deal based on evidence of extensive illegalities by the Russians but he chose to squash the F.B.I. investigation, instead.  This allowed $145 million to flow to the Clinton Foundation at the same time seriously compromising the security of the U.S.

We haven’t even begun to look at Clinton and Obama’s technology transfer to help Skolkovo become the Russian equivalent of our Silicon Valley.  What was behind that?  How much of the intelligence that was transferred in that “initiative” might’ve been used to penetrate the Pentagon, our electoral systems, and so much more?

This has all been in the public record for a long time though until the past couple of days the mainstream globalist media has successfully kept it hidden.

Mueller was appointed Special Prosecutor ostensibly to determine if, and to what extent, Russia interfering in our election.  In truth, he was appointed to protect Obama, Clinton, the Attorney General at that time Eric Holder, the Attorney General who succeeded him under Obama Loretta Lynch, the lead investigators at the time Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein, and Obama’s various directors of our intelligence services from the truth about the Russian-Uranium transfer ever becoming known.

That has become obvious, as we have watched Mueller assemble his team of prosecutors.  These people have fed at the Clinton trough for decades and do want to see that gravy train shut down.  That is why Mueller’s choice as his lead prosecutor is especially troubling.

Mueller tapped Andrew Weissmann to lead the team of Clinton sycophants and donors that he has assembled in a clear sign that the special prosecutor has launched an all-out assault to find crimes against anyone associated with President Trump including his family, friends and colleagues.

Weissmann’s history reveals a man more intent on getting convictions and not on getting justice.  This is called prosecutorial overreach.  Weissmann has won many high-profile cases only to have those decisions reversed by higher and less partisan courts:

  • He destroyed the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen LLP and with it the 85,000 jobs.  The Supreme Court unanimously reversed the lower court a few years later.
  • He concocted a criminal a transaction between four Merrill Lynch executives and Enron, the mass of which was reversed by the Fifth Circuit on appeal.  But, not before the defendants spent a year in prison.

Weissmann either resigned or was removed from the Enron investigation after that just before the judge in that case began upbraiding Weissmann and his team for prosecutorial overreach.

Weissmann’s penchant for prosecutorial overreach is exactly the reason Mueller picked him for his team.  Mueller doesn’t care about convictions that will stand up over time to strict judicial scrutiny. 

Mueller knows that he can rely on the mainstream globalist media to overwhelm the public consciousness with blaring headlines touting Weissmann’s manufactured charges (based on lie and innuendo) while Weissmann’s blatant disregard for the rule of law will also ignored by the MGM.

Why?  Because Mueller doesn’t need convictions that withstand examination by higher courts. 

Mueller is looking for impeachable offenses.  This means the charges only have to stand until the political process of impeachment can be been completed. 

Mea Culpa’s delivered two years from now will matter little once President Trump has been removed and his America First agenda has been silenced and, the corruption he has spent a lifetime hiding from public view continues being hidden from We the People.

Robert Mueller has been protecting the establishmentarian swamp since he first arrived in Washington D.C.  It’s time that Mueller, his team of prosecutors who surely must know the facts by now but remain determined to bring down this president, and the establishment inside the Deep State and both political parties be held to account.