MSNBC Has Officially Gone Off The Rails! MSNBC Hostess Accuses President Trump of Wanting to Exterminate This Ethnic Group..

Elder Patriot   –  Earlier today we reported on MSNBC’s National Security Contributor, Cesare Frank Figliuzzi, former Assistant Director of Counterintelligence at the FBI, who said President Trump’s order for American flags to fly at half mast following this weekends shootings were a signal to neo-Nazis

That’s a level of crazy that can be remedied by replacing him with a different “expert.”

Now, however, we have an MSNBC host, someone whose editorial content and limits is discussed in advance of the show, accusing President Trump of wanting to exterminate Latinos.

MSNBC Host Nicole Wallace: “You now have a president, as you said, talking about exterminating Latinos”

Wow.  When the host repeats unsubstantiated talking points (LIES) that venture this far from reality there can longer be any legitimacy tied to the network that allowed its broadcast without any reprisal.  So why did MSNBC give Wallace such a wide berth?

It’s impossible to envision any scenario where Nicole Wallace simply misspoke.  Wallace gave us a peak behind the green curtain with her incendiary statement.  

Her comment was almost assuredly a trial balloon from talking points sent by the increasingly desperate DNC.

MSNBC, along with virtually every other network save FOX, went all in for three years advancing the now discredited Russia collusion hoax.  

It appears that they have decided that the only way forward at this point is to eliminate President Trump in 2020 so that a new Democrat administration can bury the evidence of their deliberate misfeasance.

Now for the reason why MSNBC would allow a high-profile anchor to spread unsubstantiated lies:

As FDR said … politics nothing happens by accident.