MSNBC Gun Poll More Proof of Mainstream Media Manipulation

Elder Patriot – The mainstream media matrix is at it again.  In the fall of 2016 the MSM manipulated their polling to convince Americans that Hillary Clinton would be our next president.  Their goal was to suppress turnout of Trump supporters by dampening their enthusiasm and to encourage dimwits who rely on popularity polls to make decisions for them to vote for Hillary.

The proof of the scam was in the final results.  Trump still won making the polls even more wrong than they had declared because Trump had to overcome the depressing effects of that bogus polling.

Well, now that the mainstream media matrix is all in on assaulting our Second Amendment they’re at it again.

Last night MSNBC posted a poll asking people if they agreed with laws allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons.  The results were overwhelmingly in favor of allowing them to do so.

Today, after they must’ve unleashed the Russian bots on their site, the results had almost completely reversed themselves:

That’s fairly hard to believe even for a radically leftwing site like MSNBC because last night’s eighty-four thousand respondents are an incredibly substantial sampling – many times larger than those used to predict the outcome of presidential elections – making such a reversal highly improbable.

There’s also this earlier MSNBC poll that square much more substantially with the results from last night.

What happened between last night and today to affect such a massive shift in public opinion?

It couldn’t be the facts we learned about the cowardice exhibited by the four Broward deputies who refused to enter the building to protect the children because it meant putting themselves in harm’s way.

It couldn’t be the words of Broward Sheriff Scott Israel telling his constituents to trust his department to protect their kids because we continue to learn that he failed to do that at every turn. 

  • His officers had made thirty-nine calls to calm disturbances caused by shooter Nikolas Cruz but Israel saw no reason to keep Cruz under watch
  • His officers either ignored or never checked Cruz’s social media accounts following those calls even as they mounted in number and severity.  If they had Israel would’ve known that Cruz made his intentions very clear to shoot up the school.
  • When Cruz went on his rampage his officers refused to risk their own well being despite the fact that Israel assured us they would protect the children.
  • Cruz, to my knowledge, did not respond to the site.

So what changed?  Are we to believe that parents, knowing their children are subject to danger because of feckless police work have suddenly grown more likely to trust the welfare of their children to police and the FBI who have continually shown an inability to stop these shootings?

There’s a reason the mainstream media is held in such low regard.  They’ve earned it through biased and outright deceitful reporting.