MSM Digs For Dirt – Watch Shocking Inside Edition Video of Super Model Opening Up On Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – After listening to the MSM relentlessly pursue the “Trump White House is a hotbed of racism” narrative they finally found a black super model to drop the hammer on our ‘dog whistling” president.

What she had to say shocked them:

Kara Young drops this truth bomb that was shocking… but only to those who believe the race-baiting MSM and Democratic Party:

“I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people,” she said.

Trump dated Young for two years before they moved on from each other. 

Look for Young, who is bi-racial, to come under attack for not being black enough.

There’s simply nothing in Trump’s past, apparently not even an off-hand comment, to lend credence to Donald Trump being a labeled a racist, a bigot, or a white supremacist.  In fact, we’ve pointed out many examples of Donald Trump’s personal commitment to racial equality in the past.

Here are but a couple:

Here’s Jesse Jackson thanking Trump for donating space at 40 Wall Street so that Jackson’s Rainbow-Push Coalition could establish offices with access to America’s corporate titans:

Here’s Trump telling Matt Lauer that he was leaving the Reform Party because it had accepted David Duke into its ranks:

What if Trump had said this, instead, on the passing of KKK Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd?

The only thing the MSM is proving in its pursuit of this narrative is that they are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrats and their violent, radical left-wing activists.