MSM Avoiding Oleg Deripaska Russia Narrative Killing Testimony

Elder Patriot – Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska was once a friend of the FBI.  In 2009, after former FBI agent and CIA asset Robert Levinson was jailed while working in Iran, then-FBI Director Robert Mueller recruited Deripaska to organize and fund an extraction mission.

The FBI chose Deripaska for a number of reasons.  He had business dealing in Iran, he was a foreigner that allowed the FBI to sidestep U.S. sanctions against spending money in Iran, and he had been banished from entering the United States while George W. Bush had been president. 

The last reason allowed the FBI to offer Deripaska conditional visas to enter the U.S.  As the founder of UC Rusal, the world’s leading producer of aluminum the ability to enter the U.S. made his efforts (and investment) well worth it.

According to Deripaska’s attorney, Deripaska reportedly he spent $25 million of his own money and by the time his plan unfolded he had a plane waiting on the tarmac to bring Levinson to safety.  Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the mission off at the last possible moment.

Levinson has rotted under detention in Iran ever since… that’s if he’s still alive.

Deripaska has been granted at least eight special visas in the years since then.

The next significant FBI brush with Deripaska came in September of 2016, just prior to the presidential election.  The agents who approached Deripaska looking for him to confirm – or coerce him into confirming – that the Trump campaign was colluding with the Kremlin to steal the election.

Deripaska who had a business relationship with Paul Manafort that turned sour and ending in a lawsuit seemed like a good mark to flip to support the phony narrative.  He wasn’t.

Adam Waldman, Deripaska’s attorney told investigative reporter John Solomon how the meet went down:

“Deripaska laughed but realized, despite the joviality, that they were serious.  So he told them in his informed opinion the idea they were proposing was false. ‘You are trying to create something out of nothing,’ he told them.”

Now here’s the rub.  When Judge Emmet Sullivan took over the Michael Flynn prosecution case in February of this year, he ordered that special counsel Robert Mueller hand over all exculpatory evidence to Flynn’s attorneys.  Now we know why.  Mueller never told the court that Deripaska rejected the notion of the Russian collusion story out of hand.

This led Deripaska to write an op-ed for the Daily Caller where he sought to set the record straight.  It’s well worth clicking on that link:

“The ever-changing “Russia narrative” in American politics is today’s “Wag the Dog” scenario. Technology and the disintegration of evidence-based journalism permit a surprisingly small number of individuals to destroy bilateral or multilateral relations. Their motivation in shifting from an inconvenient reality into their desired reality is power and military-industrial commercial interests.

“When I attended the Munich Security Conference in February,” …”One of the panelists, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), said: “What the Breitbart crowd would call the ‘Deep State’ is what many of us would call ‘knowledgeable professionals.’” The panel’s uniform message was essentially: Ignore Donald Trump and increase your defense budget to 2 percent, because the generals who are ‘operationalizing policy’ remain in charge.


“What has been inelegantly termed the “Deep State” is really this: shadow power exercised by a small number of individuals from media, business, government and the intelligence community, foisting provocative and cynically false manipulations on the public. Out of these manipulations, an agenda of these architects’ own design is born.”


“…they simply follow the “Wag the Dog” playbook: We don’t need it to prove to be true. We need it to distract them.

“President Theodore Roosevelt once cautioned: “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics, is the first task.”

Since Deripaska’s op-ed, the executive offices of both the DOJ and the FBI have largely been purged.  Now we are waiting for Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report that should is due to be released any day and that is likely to expose criminal wrongdoing in the ranks that resulted from Obama administration orders to cover their tracks.

So the question that must now be answered by the editorial boards and in the newsrooms at the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, and by the rest of the mainstream media is will they continue hiding the revelations of Oleg Deripaska?  Are they all prepared to die along with the Russian collusion narrative?

It’s time to call out the fake news media.