Moderate Imam: NYC Mayor Ignored My Warnings”

Elder Patriot – It the press conference that followed the horrendous terror attack that left 8 innocent New Yorkers dead and double that amount injured yesterday, mayor Bill De Blasio stood silent and looking disinterested as others briefed the people of his city.

When the briefing convened he couldn’t get out of the room fast enough and with good reason apparently.

De Blasio had been warned multiple times that this was a growing likelihood but his ideological commitment to open borders and NY’s sanctuary city status wouldn’t allow him to do what was necessary to protect the citizens of his city.

In plain English – This attack could’ve been prevented if De Blasio cared enough to do something to stop it.  He didn’t and here’s the proof.

Top Imam Tawhidi said he warned New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio that his city was increasingly becoming a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists. The Imam charged that, De Blasio ignored both his ‘in person,’ and ‘online,’ warnings. 

In disgust, Imam Tawhidi sent a series of tweets blaming the mayor for doing nothing to prevent yesterday’s preventable deaths and injuries as the hands of a radicalized Muslim terrorist:

De Blasio’s biggest test may yet come this Saturday November 4th when Antifa is planning to unleash a wave of civil unrest in cities across the country, including in New York City.

No wonder De Blasio avoided taking questions yesterday. 

De Blasio would’ve had no answers for new revelations because yesterday celebrated journalist Ed Klein revealed that the FBI determined that a working relationship has been developing between Antifa and ISIS and Al Qaeda that was established at least as long ago as the recent G20 meetings.  Representatives of all three terror groups were in meetings together when they weren’t destroying Hamburg’s retail sector as a show of their Marxist rage in opposition to the meeting.

Strangely, NYC Mayor De Blasio – himself a Marxist – was in Hamburg on “personal” business at the same time.

The Imam then tweeted what cleared thing observers already know:

Trump has been lobbying for extreme vetting to prevent this kind of senseless and preventable carnage.  De Blasio not only aggressively opposes vetting newcomers but he refuses to even pass warnings on to the FBI when they cross his desk.

What difference would it have made if De Blasio has been involved in planning this attack instead of deliberately ignoring warnings from someone in the know?

Answer: Not a damn thing.