Milton Friedman Warns Us About The Deep State’s Next Line of Attack Against Trump’s Prosperity Agenda

ELDER PATRIOT – President Trump is a successful Capitalist who wants to spread the prosperity that free and unfettered Capitalism brings to as many Americans as he can.

Trump understands two things about Capitalism and prosperity:

  • Some degree of prosperity is within the grasp of virtually every able-bodied person.
  • Prosperous people have little desire to war with each other.

This explains his disdain for the Left-Right paradigm that keeps us bickering – and now turning violent – amongst ourselves.

It also explains why both Democrats and Republicans have such disdain for President Trump.

Trump’s prosperity agenda requires the return of some pricing normalcy to our healthcare markets.  Everyone knows that – Democrats and Republicans alike. 

But a market-oriented solution, that would drive prices down near 2011 prices, would not only remove one-fifth of the economy from their control, it would also help Trump’s approval rating and perhaps semi-permanently destroy the Left-Right paradigm that they need to keep exercising control over us.

The second prong of their program to defeat the president’s prosperity agenda is to keep taxes and entitlements high.  His opponents’ desire to maintain our unconscionably high debt levels to fund programs no one would need if all able-bodied Americans were working, exposes their desire to maintain the status quo – America and Americans be damned – both working Americans and those who wish they could be.

Listen to the renowned economist Milton Friedman explain how the Federal Reserve often makes decisions for political reasons:

The Federal Reserve is one of the most important allies of those who control the Deep State.  This should come as no surprise because after all, it their money that the Fed was formed to protect.

What did Wilson think would be the result?  It’s not as though Thomas Jefferson didn’t warn us:

The Fed is so integral to protecting and increasing the wealth of the world’s richest Kleptocrats that they will do anything to protect it.

More than a half-century later, many still speculate that President Kennedy was assassinated for having signed Executive Order 11110 that was intended to shut down Rothschild’s Federal Reserve.

President Trump will be appointing Janet Yellen’s successor early next year and he is likely to appoint a peoples’ representative to Chair the Fed – not an agent of the world bankers.  That is why many of us believe so many establishment forces have aligned against ever letting the president exercise that authority.