Mid-Term Elections May Prove Be The End of The Establishment Swamp

Elder Patriot – Facts are stubborn things and no matter how many narratives are written twisting them they don’t change.

That’s the case with establishment Republicans whose refusal to get any part of Trump’s agenda through has shown their willingness to cede power back to their Democrat partners.

Sorry guys, it ain’t gonna happen that way.  Here’s why.

Almost as soon as Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president in mid 2015 he soared to the top of the very crowded Republican field and his command of the field only kept growing.  The dissatisfaction with establishment Republicans was palpable and growing.

The idea that the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton would eviscerate him in the general election was debunked when Trump won an electoral landslide proving that the dissatisfaction with establishment Democrats was just as, if not more, palpable.

Voters simply didn’t care that Trump’s persona was “un-presidential.”  They wanted change and he represented change.

And, despite polls that showed her miles ahead and after millions of fraudulent votes, he won the general.  The trillion-dollar mainstream media had failed to carry their candidate – the establishment candidate – across the finish line.

The media resorted to claiming that Hillary won the popular vote as though America really didn’t want Trump.  This claim is proving specious as establishment members of both parties are blocking any attempt by the Trump administration to verify the integrity of voting in America.

The fact is these establishment Republicans are prepared to fall on their swords to save the left-right paradigm that they use to divide us so that they can advance an agenda that has ignored our borders, shipped our jobs overseas, grown our welfare state, and put us so far into debt that any interest rate moves by the Federal Reserve threatens everyone’s financial wellbeing.

American’s awakened in 2016 and the election of Donald Trump stands as hard evidence that they didn’t just reject the Republicans but they rejected the Democrats as well.

Now, no matter what the mainstream media does in their attempt to save the left-right paradigm the more it appears to be Humpty Dumpty.

Proof comes from virtually everywhere we look.  The special election to permanently replace Alabama senator Jeff Sessions stands as evidence.  Mitch McConnell’s guy is losing by double digits to a candidate who is running against his opponent by tying him to… Mitch McConnell.

In Arizona, incumbent Jeff Flake who has openly opposed President Trump on everything is polling behind his Republican, pro-Trump challenger by 25 points.

On the other side of the aisle voters are coalescing around… no one.  It’s almost as though any respectable person wouldn’t tarnish his or her name by declaring himself or herself a Democrat.

Thanks to Donald Trump we have been given an opportunity to drain the swamp.  Trump can do a lot and has or is doing everything he can do from the executive office but he needs us to clean up the legislative branch so that they can begin the process of cleaning up the judiciary.

It is now within our grasp to return common sense to our nation’s immigration policies, our spending policies, and our trade policies, all in the effort to protect the American workers and taxpayers.

We have been empowered by the Trump phenomenon and, if early polling means anything, we are on our way to draining the D.C. swamp and putting an end to the left-right paradigm for another couple of generations.