After Michelle Obama Says She’s America’s ‘Forever First Lady’ James Wood Knocks Her Off Her Pedestal

Elder Patriot – Actor and conservative, James Woods has carved out a niche for himself on Twitter having an ability to distill short, biting retorts down to just a few words.  And, having had enough of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s arrogance he did precisely that using just five words.

During a college signing day event in Philadelphia earlier this week Michelle referred to herself as America’s “forever First Lady.”  Seriously, even when the event was about the accomplishments of others she couldn’t help making a dig at those who essentially voted her husband out of the White House by rejecting the person she had personally worked hard to get elected:

“If I can be standing here as your forever first lady, then you can do anything you put your mind to.”

Woods then pounced on her endless need to aggrandize herself:

She’s no more America’s “forever First Lady” than Barack is America’s forever president.  But, Michelle O has never been humble enough to accept the fact that her time is over and America has moved on.  Just like her husband, she is continuing to poison young minds by leading the resistance to extolling and restoring American values – the values that had made America great and created opportunity by eschewing the very principles the Obama’s stand for, redistribution.

Obama’s arrogance really is astounding in that it pervades every aspect of her being.  Listen to her assault on women who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton:

“Women weren’t comfortable voting for a woman.  We have to own that reality.”

WAT????  Even in a smaller field of only Democrats during the 2008 primaries, women rejected overwhelmingly rejected Hillary Clinton and nominated her husband to be their presidential candidate.

And, at that time Barack was little more than a community organizer – some things never change – with a knack for stirring up unrest and political hatred and division that he continues to do in his post presidency.

So to Michelle, and B. Hussein for that matter, it’s past time to put a sock in it and “pump your brakes a tad.”