Merkel Admits Mass Migration Has Been A Disaster for Germans

Elder Patriot – ANGELA Merkel has admitted German no-go zones have become places in the country where outsiders and even police offices are afraid to visit.

Merkel’s shocking confession came after a report revealed gangs of men are preventing people from visiting once vibrant areas of the country because of fear of violence and abuse that even law enforcement has been forced to concede they are unable to control.


“At the start of this year, Police Union chief Rainer Wendt claimed authorities are unable to enforce the law thanks to the rise of dangerous no-go zones caused as a result of mass immigration. He demanded German politicians get crime levels under control or risk “police-free zones in Germany”. The police chief said the no-go areas could end up being ruled under criminal laws or even Sharia law, rather than those set out by the German government.”

For Merkel, who has stridently demanded that the countries comprising the EU accept ever-increasing levels of migrants, her admission is long overdue.

Our reporters have been warning of this emerging threat since 2015.  Back then Romney Wordsworth reported that:

“In Europe, where a tidal wave of illegal immigration by Muslims is occurring, horror stories are being reported DAILY.  German police were forced to pepper-spray a train fare dodging Islamist on Sunday after he reacted badly to having his ticket checked, attacking a female police officer by biting her on the ear, and trying to snatch a police handgun and screaming “Allahu Akbar”.  Muslim rape gangs are out of control in several European countries, the worst being Sweden.  In Germany Muslim rioters have looted churches and have a penchant for defecating in local vegetable gardens.”

A few months later, and in spite of continued reprisals from Facebook, Wordsworth filed this report:

‘Well, it seems like another day, and another horrific terror attack, and nothing changes.  Has the Left in Western Europe or America come to their senses and announced that we shouldn’t keep importing Muslims into our midst who hate us, and our culture, and who have no intention, ever, of assimilating?  No.  Not at all.  Not only have they not admitted that their multicultural policies have been a disaster, they bristle at the suggestion that Muslims hate us.”

More than two years ago, in January of 2016 we presented ample evidence that the German Chancellor deliberately blocked any reporting of the growing threat that these migrants were posing to the very people who had elected her while something could still be done to curb it from getting out of hand, as it has now done:

“German Chancellor and ex-East German Stasi intelligence officer Angela Merkel was caught on an open mic imploring Mark Zuckerberg to cleanse Facebook of anyone posting about the atrocities being perpetrated by Muslims throughout Europe.”

That meeting took place in late 2015.

Zuckerberg agreed to do as Merkel requested both abroad and in the United States.  We can attest to that because we suffered numerous Facebook suspensions for reporting what Merkel has now admitted was the truth.

At the time we asked:

“Does anyone doubt that if the German people had something similar to the Second Amendment they would already be in revolt against those making their streets unsafe for their women?” 

There had to be a reason Merkel invited this clash of civilizations between classical liberal Democracy and the totalitarianism of Islamism knowing that one day she would be powerless to end it.

That day may now be here.

Any attempt to turn back the clash of civilizations that Merkel arranged will necessarily require a massive buildup of police weaponry and an expansion of acceptable tactics.  That is never a good thing for a people who hope to be free.

Perhaps this was the plan all along.