The Media’s Refusal to Condemn Jim Acosta is Proof They’re in the Tank Against …

Elder Patriot – CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta is an interminable bore.  His self-promotion in advancing the anti-Trump narrative, and himself, has become unavoidably obvious to those still capable of discernment.  

For this reason alone, every member of the press waiting to ask questions of President Trump should agree with yesterday’s decision to revoke Acosta’s press pass if only so that they might be allowed a chance to engage the president.

Here’s a compilation of Acosta’s increasingly vitriolic attempts to commandeer the narrative with rude interruptions and oft times inappropriate timing.  (H/T Ryan Saavedra)

And, making statements with question marks attached to the end doesn’t make them questions.

Yesterday, Acosta’s boorish behavior finally crossed the line into a physical confrontation when a White House intern tried to take the mic away from him following President Trump announcement that he wouldn’t be taking anymore questions from him.

Minor as this may appear to be, it represents an escalation in Acosta’s refusal to abide by norms and standards when in the presence of the POTUS.

What is of greater concern?  Is it CNN’s cover up that followed or Acosta’s claim that he never touched her.  Either he’s a liar or he had lost control to the point where he didn’t realize he had delivered a karate chop to the young woman?

Regardless of the claims and counterclaims a walk down memory lane might help to put the savagery, hypocrisy, and agenda driven narrative of today’s mainstream media into focus:

Obama repeatedly refers to the White House as his house.  It’s not, it’s the People’s House. The press pool then breaks out into a chant of Obama, Obama, Obama, in order to drown out the questioner.  Obama then has the “offending” member of the media removed.

Then there’s this:

Even if all of this is news to you, it’s not to Jeffrey Zucker and those running CNN.  Their refusal to demand Acosta tone it down, or to replace him, represents a brazen illustration of both media hypocrisy and bias.

For the sake of the republic, it’s time to move on from the mainstream media.