Media Cringes at Being Forced to Promote Old White Criminal Democrats Suffering From Dementia

Without the media running interference for them 24/7, today’s Democratic Party would be dismissed as little more than a fringe group of criminals and kooks.  

But the media is charged with protecting the Globalists’ “destroy America” representatives, commonly known to voters as Democrats, so we’re forced to endure the manner in which they twist themselves into knots hiding past – and future – criminal activities. 

Imagine a party so steeped in the criminal sell out of the United States of America for their personal gain, that that party can’t trust anyone except their most corrupt former leaders to control the powers of the presidency.

In 2016, it was Hillary Clinton.  Today, it’s Joe Biden. Think about that for a minute.  For a party running against the world given to us by old white people, Democrats keep giving us more old white people.

Hillary Clinton was such a disaster that the force of the entire media complex, combined with massive voter fraud, couldn’t drag her across the finish line.  

If the media had reported accurately on Clinton’s pay-to-play schemes while she was Obama’s Secretary of State, she wouldn’t have won more than 10 states.  

The media was so solidly behind promoting Mrs. Clinton that she herself had to ask…


Why aren’t I fifty points ahead?

In retrospect, and in light of the mainstream media’s slavish support of Hillary, Donald Trump should have been the one to ask that question.

Now Democrats have thrown their party’s hopes behind Joe Biden… a man with a history of corruption… a man already displaying advanced signs of dementia.  

Judging by the look on his face, you can almost see Anderson Cooper asking himself “what narrative can I come up with in order to carry candidate Biden for the next seven months?”

Medical professional, Dr. Sanjay Gupta appears to immediately realize the depth of Biden’s… and Democrats… problems as well.

Why are Democrats married to the same old, white, politicians they constantly deride while campaigning?

Could it be because these corrupt SOBs can’t trust anyone except their most corrupt former leaders not to rat out their criminal conspiracy if someone other than them were to control the powers of the presidency?