Me! Me! Me! Selfishness is the Hallmark of This Modern Woman

ELDER PATRIOT – Meghann Faye represents everything that’s wrong with a growing segment of modern women.

Women and men once came together in marriage to build families and to selflessly give of themselves so that their children would have the chance to grow into responsible adults who would then similarly carry on the American vision of humanity.  Selflessness is not on Ms. Faye’s radar.

Representative of the modern generation of Leftist’s who are always pushing for additional “rights” and privileges paid for by others, Faye grew envious of her friends who were granted maternity leave to tend to their newborn babies.

Rather than view maternity leave as a time when new mothers are consumed by the round-the-clock demands of their babies, Faye grew to view it as a sabbatical from work that allows women a period of personal discovery self-renewal.

Faye decided that, sans baby, paid “meternity” would be a good thing.  Good for her that is.  Not so good for her employer who would have to pay for it nor for the countless young women who will read her writings and embrace it as the next step in their “liberation.”

Meghann Faye is representative of the growing number of Americans who increasingly expect something for nothing.  They do an incredible disservice to the memory of the selfless American generations that came before us and to the fiber of the society that they bequeathed to us.

Here’s hoping Faye has a catharsis should she ever decide to have a child of her own.