McConnell Warns Dems: Trump’s Attorney’s Will Drive Senate Trial

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will play a major role in the Senate trial of President Trump because he decides the rules that it will be conducted under.  

Last night McConnell joined Sean Hannity and what he said had to have sent a chill down the back of Democrat leadership should they be desperate enough to vote to impeach.

McConnell: We will listen to the opening arguments by the House prosecutors.  We will listen to the president’s lawyer respond. And then we’ll have to make a decision about the way forward.

Everything I do during this, I’m coordinating with White House counsel.  There will be no difference between the president’s position and our position as to how to handle this…

… We’ll work this process in a short period of time in total coordination with the White House counsel’s office and the people representing the president.

Wow!  If McConnell stays true to his word, it sounds like Trump will be getting the Senate trial he wanted and the Senate leader will be giving him a wide enough berth to make the case against corrupt Democrats that they failed to make against him.

Candidate Trump was framed for stealing a horse; President Trump was subsequently accused of trying too hard to avoid hanging for it. Prosecutor Mueller eventually conceded that Trump didn’t steal the horse; however, by then the focus was on Trump’s efforts to avoid the hanging.  Eventually Mueller testified; it surfaced there was never a horse to begin with… Impeachment was stalled. Prosecutor Jerry Nadler is attempting to resurrect a legal theory that President Trump can still be hung for attempting to avoid the hanging, even if there was no horse theft. – (H/T CTH)

That’s why three weeks ago today, President Trump said he looked forward to a Senate impeachment trial where his attorneys could extract testimony from such key witnesses as the so-called “whistleblower,” Hunter Biden, and House Oversight Chairman Adam Schiff.

That was before Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report report was released.  Nearly five hundred pages of damning evidence against Obama’s intelligence community appointees.

Whatever Trump planned on bringing to the Senate trial before has been supercharged following Monday’s release of the IG report, and Attorney General William Barr’s statements immediately afterwards.

President Trump is in possession of volumes of evidence that most Americans can’t even begin to imagine… don’t even want to imagine.  What will come out in a Senate trial will be shocking to most Americans.