This Matters: Judge Presiding Over General Flynn’s Sentencing Demands Transcript of His Conversation With Kislyak

Elder Patriot – Now that the thin veneer of Russian collusion is no longer standing in the way of the truth, events are coming at a furious rate.

With the Mueller probe no longer positioned to block the release of exculpatory information under the threat of obstruction everytime evidence damaging to the established order – Obama’s established order – is released the white hats are finally in charge of investigation the corrupt investigators.

This is evident in the recent release of documents – Flynn sentencing memo, McCabe-Flynn memo, Strzok memo of Flynn interview – that have apparently piqued the interest of Judge Emmet Sullivan.

Judge sullivan is overseeing the sentencing of Lt. General Michael Flynn, a thirty-year military veteran with a meritorious record.

Judge Sullivan has previously balked at announcing any sentencing apparently believing that exculpatory evidence was withheld by prosecutors.

In December of 2018, Sullivan demanded the documents he believed could be exculpatory to Flynn.  Unless Mueller delivered it under seal – there’s no indication that he did – Mueller failed to deliver.

Specifically, Sullivan wanted to see the FD-302 report recapping the two FBI agents’ questioning of Flynn.  Instead, Mueller delivered a recap crafted to maintain the narrative that Flynn had violated the Logan Act for acting on behalf of a foreign government.

Judge Sullivan is now demanding to see the transcript of Flynn’s conversation(s) with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Perhaps after reviewing the unprofessional, sophomoric 448-page political narrative that Mueller punted to House Democrats last month, Judge Sullivan was more convinced than ever that Flynn had been set-up.

Gen. Flynn was specifically targeted by the Obama administration – likely under direction of President Obama himself – because the general knew where all the bodies are hidden.

Keep in mind that Gen. Flynn was a former intelligence adviser to retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Iraq and Afghanistan before being promoted to head the Defense Intelligence Agency in July 2012.

That was two months before the attack on the State/CIA compound in Benghazi Libya.

The 9/11 2012 Cairo protest, that precipitated the attack on our embassy and CIA compound in Benghazi, was centered around demands for the release of Omar Abdul Rahman.

Rahman, also known as “the blind sheik,” was in federal prison in the U.S. for his part in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, the U.S. State Department falsely claimed a YouTube video insulting Islam was the motivating factor. Hillary Clinton and Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice were the most prominent and visible administration officials propounding the lie.

The motive became a political risk.

The fraudulent motive was exposed by documents from within the Defense Intelligence Agency while Gen. Michael Flynn was heading that agency..

Gen. Flynn was forced out his command of the DIA by Obama in August of 2014 – well before Donald Trump became a political force – because he was viewed as a risk to the interests of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and State Department Officials.

This explains the information buried in the second volume of the Mueller Report references an investigation of Gen. Flynn that predated his phone calls with Russian ambassador Kislyak.

It appears that the FBI had been spying on Gen. Flynn for who knows how long, but almost certainly well before the October 2016 FISA warrant on Carter Page?

Recall that the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence report on Russian interference released last year, said Former FBI Director Jim Comey, in closed-door testimony, indicated there was an open case on Gen. Flynn — which was about to be closed, until Gen. Flynn’s calls with the Russian ambassador.

Fox News:

“Director Comey testified that he authorized the closure of the CI [counter-intelligence] investigation into General Flynn by late December 2016; however, the investigation was kept open due to the public discrepancy surrounding General Flynn’s communications with Ambassador Kislyak,” the report said. “Deputy Director [Andrew] McCabe stated that, ‘We really had not substantiated anything particularly significant against General Flynn,’ but did not recall that a closure of the CI investigation was imminent.”

Despite the media frenzy over the false Flynn narrative, the investigation found no wrongdoing by Gen. Flynn and the FBI agents who interviewed him believed he was telling the truth.

Still, former President Obama bad-mouthed Gen. Flynn to then-President-elect Donald Trump during their Oval Office meeting two days after the election.

The expectation from this corner is once Judge Sullivan reviews the transcript(s) of Gen. Flynn’s call(s) with Ambassador Kislyak, he should see that the transcript of the phone call will match statements from Flynn to the FBI and realize that Flynn did not lie to the FBI.

From there, Judge Sullivan will be forced to conclude that Gen. Flynn was coerced into a guilty plea after Mueller’s team started turning the screws on his son.

This is getting very interesting very quickly.