Master Tactician: Trump Neuters Speaker Ryan

ELDER PATRIOT – You would have to be deliberately deluding yourself to believe that the Republican’s control of the House and Senate means that President Trump’s America First agenda will be implemented in full. 

Republican representatives and senators are walking a tightrope being careful to give Trump support on the lesser issues while aligning against him to block his most important initiatives – financial reform and immigration control. 

They will rely on the mainstream media to convince the public that they are the experienced wise men in the room and that Trump is too naïve to make measured decisions on issues as “complicated” as these are.

Perhaps Trump’s most aggressive opponent from within his own party is House Speaker Paul Ryan who has been touting his own agenda, A Better Way, since early last year. 

Ryan won election in a single district in Wisconsin.  Trump was elected by the entire country.  Someone needs to tell Ryan what he can do with his Better Way.  And now it appears Donald Trump is doing exactly that!

According to McClatchy News Services:

“Vice President Mike Pence is moving into House Speaker Paul Ryan’s neighborhood, creating a new power center where GOP lawmakers can lobby the White House and plot strategy without Ryan.

“He’ll have a place on the first floor of the Capitol, one floor down from Ryan’s and down the hall from Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s, an area where lawmakers can easily reach the vice president.”

As vice president, Pence is also president of the Senate and able to break ties, that in this closely divided Senate may make all the difference between success and failure for Trump’s agenda.

Vice presidents do not traditionally get a House office but Pence insisted on one and got one largely because non-establishment Republican lawmakers demanded he get it.

Andy Downs, director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne explained the importance of the office’s location, “Mike Pence might be someone they look to for guidance, he bucked the leadership.”

Pence had been in House leadership prior to leaving to run for governor of Indiana.  He left because he grew frustrated with Republican leaders making promises to the public that they had no intention of keeping.

One quick scan of Ryan and McCarthy’s Contract From America that they promoted in early 2009 following Barack Obama’s election proves they have no intention of delivering on their promises to working class Americans.  Their record on keeping the promises laid out in the extensive document is so bad that they scrubbed it from the Internet.

As Curtis Tate notes:

“Pence will have advantages Ryan won’t: He can be Trump’s messenger, and use the executive branch to help members in their districts.

“If that means making nice with the vice president instead of the speaker, that’s what you do,” Downs said. “There’s a certain comfort in getting a meeting with the vice president.”

Ryan’s office refused to comment on the vice president’s role on Capitol Hill.

Once again our naïve reality star president has outmaneuvered the political establishment.